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View EM’s Mission Trip Registration Policy, Best 2021 Mission Trips: 15 Short Term Mission Opportunities. $1.99; $1.99; Publisher Description . If you have additional questions or don't see the dates you're looking for, contact us or inquire about a specific trip. How will I know where to go at the airport? Each team member will need to fill out a team member registration form and liability waiver and all adults are required to pass a background check. 6:00 - Dinner In this community, connecting with the local children through children's ministry is an important part of what we do. Day Three - Five Our partners are eager to share what this ministry is all about as well as their visions for the future. Accommodation based on respective programs either quad or twin sharing. Your team may work at one location or serve at multiple locations each day. 7:15 - Breakfast We also have custom housing for large teams. Will we work with children in Cuba? Is the place where we are staying safe? 9:00 - Pictures and Good-Byes. You must have a group size of at least 5 members to join this trip. 2) The full name of the child Our partners lead a "practical help" and evangelistic ministry to families with children with physical and mental disabilities, in many cases both at the same time. Will I need to purchase additional travel insurance on my mission trip? All young adults ages 18-30 are eligible to apply for EM's IMMERSION program. Mission teams visiting Cuba will be able to visit with families and facilitate a Kids Club for these amazing kids. He is joined by a 16 year old girl who has run away from home and wants to forget her home life. Showers are also available and have warm running water. 7:45 - Devotions and Quiet Time 3) The full name of the Adult Chaperone serving as the Team Leader Most teams will have the opportunity to lead a Kids Club. Jack Hughes is a 16 year old orphan. The Mission to Cuba was a DoD sanctioned operation undertook by T.W.O. Yes! His only inheritance is a 30 foot sailboat and he intends to sail it down the Intra Coastal Waterway from Baltimore to Miami in memory of his recently killed parents who loved to sail. Each option has bunk rooms with multiple beds per room. Cuba requires all Americans to have Cuban medical insurance. We ask that you come with a servant's heart and willingness to adapt to the unique qualities represented in each location. 12:00 - Lunch If your personal insurance will not cover you, we strongly recommend purchasing additional travel insurance. 6:00 - Dinner Visiting teams have played a huge role in building a fairly large open pavilion and are now adding a series of rooms and additions that will facilitate both farm and ministry activities. Fill Out An Interest Form This is a valuable time and we strongly encourage everyone to spend it with God journaling their thoughts and experiences as the days unfold. As a U.S. Army Sergeant, Tywan Jackson has traveled all over the world--but never on a mission trip. Is airfare included in EM trip fees? After the hurricanes of 2008, when many farms were decimated, this farm was one of the first in the area to bounce back and start producing. Are there any extra fees I should be aware of? 7:00 - Evening gathering Attendance in the existing churches exploded, thousands of new churches were formed, and many group leaders and pastors were called into the ministry. Not many Cuban Christians faithfully attended church during these difficult years, but in the '80s, after what seemed an eternity of desperate prayer, Cuban Christians suddenly experienced a powerful revival. If teams aren't able to help in the area of music, it may not be a part of the trip. While we do our best to make sure the craft materials are cost-effective, teams may feel free to augment any materials to make them more suitable for their budget. Call (888) 475-6414, Fill out a Group Interest Form for the trip you're most interested in. No. You will have access to specific instructions on how to go through customs and where to meet our staff at the airport once you register for your trip. Also, upon arrival, you will pay for Cuban medical insurance if you do not have valid travelers insurance ($5/day), or if your flight price did not include it. Tuck in a hackysack, soccer ball, or jump rope as they are sure to come in handy. 5:00 - Leaders meeting Teams will stay at a local housing facility that was formerly a seminary in Cuba. If you are unable to arrive in this window of time, please contact your mission trip support person prior to booking airfare so that we can ensure that you will have transportation available upon arrival. 7:00 - Evening program (as a whole group) Teams for spring break typically arrive on a Saturday and return home the following Friday. We will provide you with all the resources you need for this prior to your departure. Day One Mission trips in Cuba typically consist of a mixture of construction projects, farm work, spending time with families with members who have disabilities, and Kids Club. All volunteers on a week-long EM mission trip to Cuba must be part of a team of at least five (5) people, with at least one team member age 21 or older to serve as the Team Leader. Please inquire with an EM staff member for more details. But this perception is untrue—and changing rapidly! Each morning, there is time set aside for devotions and quiet time. We strongly recommend that every team member have personal medical insurance. Enriching the lives of Cuban people and crafting life's fulfilling experiences for our clients: CHURCH Missions & Medical Groups, Ministry & Service, Sports, and Educational experiences, | Come Join our family - we will be your personal Missions & Travel consultant |. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with local children through games like soccer or frisbee. Will there be clean water to drink? 5:00 - Leaders Meeting Both speak English and Spanish. Serve and grow together on one of these 15 short term mission opportunities. Will your group embrace the unknown on a 2021 mission trip to Cuba and encourage Christians who are thriving amidst so many obstacles? Serve together on a life-changing Mission Trip. Your team will be inspired by the Cuban people and challenged to come back home and live out your faith more boldly. The processing time for a Passport can take several weeks once your application has been submitted. It is a requirement to have a Visa to enter Cuba. 6:00 - Dinner Each team member must carry a valid passport. What shots and immunizations do I need to get before my mission trip? But this perception is untrue—and changing rapidly! Teams will have the opportunity to work alongside community members and show God's love through serving together in many ways. Most rooms also have A/C or fans. All volunteers should check with their personal medical insurance provider regarding international coverage. He is joined by a 16 year old girl who has run away from home and wants to forget her home life. Check out EM Vision Trips for team leaders. Travel Website Design India First Point Web Design, Choose the trip below OR we can customize your Church Group based on your requirement ~. Contact us about planning a custom trip. **Experience Mission works closely with local leaders to identify work projects and ministry opportunities that address authentic needs within the community. There is a staff of over 20 amongst pastors, teachers, sport coaches, translators etc. Humanitarian trips through non-profit organizations (like short-term missions) are allowed by both the U.S. and Cuban governments, opening the door for meaningful relationships and ministry. Want to preview Cuba Mission Trips? This fee covers ground transportation, lodging, all of your meals, trip-related expenses, and funds to support local staff who will be leading your trip. Yes! 5:00 - Leader's Meeting 1) If the minor is traveling without parents, both parents must sign the letter. Because of this, Americans know little about Cuban culture and may still believe they are not allowed to travel to Cuba. The history between the U.S. and Cuba is dramatic, difficult, and fraught with tension. As a result, real community needs are being met and projects have a lasting impact. Flushing toilets are also available. 8:00 - Visit La Habana 8:30 - Team leaves for church 8:30 - Team time There is also an educational component to the trip where we spend time learning about the local church, as well as spending a day in Havana learning about its history. Humanitarian trips through non-profit organizations (like short-term missions) are allowed by both the U.S. and Cuban governments, opening the door for meaningful relationships and ministry. Airfare is a separate expense, and you will book this on your own. Yes. Today Cuban Christians still have church buildings that were established before 1959, and they are turning as many house churches as possible into regular, recognized churches. Due to the unique nature of this community, the opportunity for relational ministry may take place directly at your team's worksite as you come alongside and encourage those you have come to serve. Missions To Cuba LLC, All Rights Reserved. Experience Mission can provide a sample copy of a permission letter or you can create your own letter that must include the following: The families of these children are, for the most part, on their own in Cuba. 1) The full name of both parents and their formal signatures

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