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���{����������+kJo�қ���OMm�b�R3��j��`�F,WKn��m�k�5�&mMH)�ۏ�YK��1�a�H\d��v\�*r����i�Vų���9|NFZN\٬����]1�q:%���޶MV���oY'S�ɔ��6a�� �|^�)ېoؠ+L�Nv���9���1�=�JجX2{�t�������ݧ��eϮ|�4R��?r�o �q�@�XZ�J.������QgћC%�"�M@�ș�Q�Y�F�e���YOk+�o}zBIh(����$P�k-�n�F��Q{I����O�F�{��]���� Lose yourself in the Australian outback, Clem Walton Park is bush camping at its finest. 0000038801 00000 n Fishermans Rest a favourite spot for the campers, jet skiers, tubing, waterskiing, canoeing and of course fishing. 0000031772 00000 n The clue is in the name – Fisherman’s Rest. 0000038385 00000 n �'�n��~cwg=Ys�����{���\Uv��k!��� Ў�n��Ŗ`�h�~�fcJqu���zeW'�����z��n���� �)*`A(��@��a`:.���B�>E! You’ll find this bush camping spot only 5 kilometres from the town Mitchell, nestled along the shady banks of the Maranoa River. The clue is in the name – Fisherman’s Rest. The towns 1950’s tropical feel makes this camping site the ultimate pitstop on your road trip. 167 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 170 /H [ 1577 340 ] /L 529973 /E 382280 /N 2 /T 526514 >> endobj xref 167 49 0000000016 00000 n Ps – don’t forget to say g’day to the lucky cattle who also call this prime waterfront property their home. 0000039003 00000 n �'�������#�e��.T]�? 0000030233 00000 n 0000011189 00000 n �ܿAQ���R4�� ^C*�a�T� -�31|�t��-����Sf��"�eѴ����'��a�m����ꂹ�ݟ�@4pZ����H4�+�8 g]0w����a�e� �,�!����Bms�GyS{����Ύx#gTU�����a�*Yv(��+kJ撛�M�cB�5cǖ��2R4e/�k����P�` ��h���F�D�_6c�3�a�fĉ���w�����wt_�O^�jd��t,eG��4��,ʎ�>�ސ��< 0000031795 00000 n G’day Mate, we recommend stopping in Betoota. (�K�QӇ^R�Lji$�R �C��RE2�؝>��I���n�}�K��qT����vÏ4���+ n�B��p ne\_i$��?8.����א���-"� Fe��o`D� ��-���l�Nl0���>�Y� ��1�{t�E�q�+��OF�z"��q���(��2J��=�^G��̉{$\�G����,Fţ��{�8�X>H�q8��;I�ԛ@���/�_O7O�W��E����'�㎪ה��?i14�[jm�%�qt�>�el��:6CA��#�.������\֩$r*�86����(6�O����ќ��� 6i�8IQ�� ��#�����n~c�,�ׄ �>l�o��H�E�8�KQy��9�S���b�5��Q�Ä�Y��uׁS�>9��Ԧ�{W�ϼ ���8E��浍����0���8�r���C�,,�� /z����J ��N�Uwu���X~nӔ�()O�1�_.� �2k姻�e�KK�K7Td�I�L�]x}h� #OutbackQueensland photo by @matt_williams_photography. Then I sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper, wrap the fish in alfoil and put it in the coals of the campfire to bake,” she says. “If we’re in the bush and we’ve caught a big one, we often cook it whole. You’ll find this bush camping spot only 5 kilometres from the town Mitchell, nestled along the shady banks of the Maranoa River. 0000038889 00000 n If we’re camping we just put the fillets straight on the barbie, or wrap them in alfoil with lemon and whatever else we’ve got out there on a fishing trip. Mitchell River drainage sub-basin. Other wildlife includes kangaroos, birdlife and the occasional pig or snake (hey, this is Australia!) Fishing; bird watching; canoeing; stroll the Maranoa River Walk that meanders along the river to Mitchell; visit the Great Artesian Spa pools; see the Kenniff Courthouse, where the infamous bushrangers Patrick and James Kenniff were tried; most of all relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. FRW-262-Mitchell River Author: DAFF Subject: Fisheries regulated waters - Mitchell River Keywords: regulated waters, Mitchell River, fisheries regulated waters, closed waters, fishing closure Created Date: 20121129102405Z 0000028449 00000 n Off-road enthusiasts, this one’s for you. 0000002898 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Hi Julie, check out, Your email address will not be published. The four-tiered Mitchell Falls is an iconic Kimberley attraction, and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Australia. 0000004134 00000 n )*w�U٪�Ve3�}?A����cov�� 1w�rT׸k�*ü�;W$%��rMO���'ؖ���I�PG��?V�UMqe�w%g.�u����� �;���A�M�������:\��y��&O�*B ���xu�li�q�_LWkTSW�6�9"��f�{���j�ZQ��cXT�*�T���$DD��s�3�vt��"�6 >ep�8v���[K����R�-?^�jZ{��>�����~���31��/B%����J"�2��d]����`6�0ɘ�St�T`V,�6�s���T``�(.ލ�^Gt���y���Cgڅ��� 5wȅ;G�����M��mK�ӫ"��v 0000002415 00000 n We’ve got a big family. No permits or fees are required to bush camp. “If they're too big they get fatty and muddy. � �{�NR�Q�ak:�6�K�⽡J�8������ ��6�C�s�ê�4F�5d���J��������zq��Ϲ�����4Ы�2#ze�ep��\z�x�OQ�`��ba ��7������\�4�U����d�M��3�zh����ߩ%�ޢCG++�G��D�� ��7�וו�Ԝ�Vu�r��A�_� �< �^^����nGX矞q�E|�d8��К����Y�ּz���ƥ�Y�:ˌ����ۅ>�@��qxbbffRβ|��l��8���g�^�s% ��]�z���b������fw���������앴�H�@K��C#A�Ͳ䴈��D0k�n���j�����+��ʮ\ Waking up to that fresh country air without the city buzz? Don’t forget to grab a beer from the community owned Theodore Pub up the road or cast a line into the Dawson for the chance to reel in saratoga, barramundi and silver perch. ��a���� '�sc3ũ��# �8B�In����O���p �oTi���5����RŖ�������LL����D� ��\�Kh�>��@��W�TPW*�KuE��wT㗠��Y�����c��d�y0 ��.��~��zuCf/�e�X��J��� bCt}(�sh`�^��q�޸�6��FkO������2��j� c�?v��UkE"��C>��r�^�银�atBo�4�,dU��7QˬKe�F�d�Wo���Jy ��\Տ}��p�x�0Е%�Iߔh%>л���ߘ�=�D��MZ�����y�^q� �!v�\��I�׊8�n�6⠄�@⻚Q�+F;f�p�հ�\�y1q8n*��j�U�Lj�Fa{�/ Who said camping was roughing it? If you’re itching for an off-road experience take the dirt track to the eerie uranium mine. Set on the Maranoa River, fishing is a popular past time among Mitchell’s local residents. So much planning, especially for a solo traveller. G’day! 0000013233 00000 n Required fields are marked *. Up around 8lb or more are too big in my opinion, and should be released.”. However when we think fishing, we don’t often think of what outback Queensland has to offer. 0000035284 00000 n Hi we are heading to Boulia for the camel races we have a big rig where is the best place for us to camp free while waiting to get into the races thanks. 0000001331 00000 n If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity you’ll find it just 14 kilometres south-west from the Garden City of the Outback, Barcaldine. 0000033634 00000 n Bernadette is a born and bred Mitchell local. I just love it, especially with salad greens picked fresh from Dad’s garden. The former town’s sealed roads also make for a skateboarder’s paradise and playground for kids. 0000024407 00000 n 0000002928 00000 n 0000001426 00000 n 0000001917 00000 n Best of all the Maranoa is well stocked with yellowbelly and there are no crocodiles to compete for your life with. 0000016779 00000 n Save your dollars on accommodation and spend up big on Outback Queensland experiences using this guide to the 7 best free camping spots across Outback Queensland. Visitors interested in more leisurely pursuits are invited to experience the tranquillity of local fishing spots along the Maranoa River such as the Neil Turner Weir and Fisherman’s Rest. Caravans and two-wheel drive vehicles and can negotiate the dirt road leading to the river, except after heavy rain. Dream of snoozing under the stars? 0000028426 00000 n Started by Member News Views & Press Releases. The four-tiered Mitchell Falls is an iconic Kimberley attraction, and one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Australia. and especially around Broome. v0�z{���"�t��Q�K�Z��|�����&��AcI��!��=��#�D��Ix� P^"��bE+�v�P,�u'aB�Nl{��;3g���w���;>�J��Q���p�oZ8À��:�Y�����2�Q��{�s�_bw�>����D7�Al�oo\x�X������?�t��d+q��� ܁-�IaO�����lNէ�V�����/��-�yi~�oZ�D"����> Started by Member General Discussion. Time your trip to the Channel Country with Windorah’s International Yabby Races and cheer on the crustaceans as they scurry for the finish line – here’s everything you need to know about the Windorah International Yabby Races. 0000015158 00000 n }�9����;�����(،���NF �yu*㫴'�Mq���i���t`�ި0D�D@I���Eh��T1��ӆ����. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ If you don’t plan on staying overnight, it makes for great day trip from Cloncurry or Mount Isa so you can tackle these guides – 48 hours in Cloncurry, 48 hours in Mount Isa, and 15 things you didn’t know about Cloncurry. 0000013256 00000 n The Jardine River is the largest perennial stream in Queensland, while just to the north the Kennedy-Escape Rivers Aggregation has the largest mangrove tidal forests in the Sunshine State. We have a caravan and are travelling with our dog. “Every time we go away, we go fishing, and every spare moment we’re down at the river, fishing. Appreciate any suggestions. The Western Downs town of Mitchell, located 587km west of Brisbane, is one of Queensland’s little unknown fishing destinations. 0000016756 00000 n �ز�5? The Maranoa River has much to boast about in terms of fishing. Tucked away on the of the Barcoo River, Tambo’s Stubby Bend is a self-contained travellers’ sanctuary. G’day, Yes you can camp in tents or swags at these locations too. – Robin and Doug Stewart. 0000033611 00000 n }ia/����e;�&�]�s�;��޳���>�P����7&�Г����5�=�S��Q)����V9"�{����T@8/�xq�M|:tD���_V��m�Q�$�a%Ąe��m�u�!t�`���Rm�W.��� �|G͸ �� ���Q��[���H��"_8S�/�{1p+���i���Z�P��-�&��,���&����~����w~a��? enable_page_level_ads: true Hi…..great to have this information. May to October – the days are warm and sunny but nights can be frosty. Your email address will not be published. 0000011212 00000 n “Anything we catch that’s legal size we eat, except for the really big ones,” Bernadette says. The Western Downs town of Mitchell, located 587km west of Brisbane, is one of Queensland’s little unknown fishing destinations. Mitchell is located 587km west of Brisbane, between Roma and Charleville, on the Warrrego Highway. 0000018497 00000 n �*�3�t���,���6s}C5_����s yjJ��$޲�S �H����0�uek�噧����?a��� �w�qɡ$9t}pRn��-1W�7dQ����w��>i4]�:�A�E)�lbA�Z�V�lX�Kr�o �f�)*]$,,�;�����ٶ�a�&��v9�P��gP�)�C��c���q� ��G��M�K���P~q�{z|�����"J�*O�5وɶ�����;Q�꒡����ʟ��ҕ@:Ab��`N4t 0 Replies 2393 Views February 07, 2012, 09:36:04 PM by Member Fly fishing up north. 0000004260 00000 n You’ll find plenty on our website in the Accommodation section. }); Queensland offers a diverse range of fishing locations, with everything from targeting trout on the Great Barrier Reef, to fishing the impoundments for barra and bass and chasing various species in coastal estuaries and rivers. Started by Member News Views & Press Releases. Usually it’s a quiet, slow-moving river, famous for its deep waterholes and weir. ;���%�����x�:"�,s�R���Ҕ5�z@u����0T�ag����c�X:V�,�y >$b W�]��aI�+l�|��R7}A�t���D�ܷ�9�>F+�sk�����E�����nY�בh}Z�d �� dD�:�d���c�sz�x*'�����Hdo^A%ձ�����T7�`"���P��7�Xý&ܘ�F�����؀0@�Í �=����C�t�P�t$ኪ��aMM� ���a��R�W׷WU�E��AOơF��z���y7���i=TZ���P����Њ՟:��f�/\�as�O8�Y���XXߏ�[��%/�9�>=�t:��F͒�I@��� -E�����2 L,8�`�`b׶��61`��5̲��d�(����Շay���z˃����_70g.��oS�]�ƖJ����� J���! Lake Mitchell (north QLD) ... New fishing platform on Mitchell River. `��h��w@���9@��o����h��l�0�0800= 3X�)�]��x ��������' �B6�,d`��

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