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YOUR Theme. Art is about communicating with the viewer in order to inspire moods, thoughts, or feelings. I have several of her pictures around my flat. However, we artists often forget that art that sells often recreates something from the viewer's past or triggers some memory. That's why they say" Art is in the eyes of the beholder". List of Mediums. Realism art… Great for realism, blending and detail, oil can also be used for experimental and playful methods of abstraction. When used correctly it will not crack or yellow, and fully cures in about two weeks. I did not have these particular requirements in mind when I painted it but that does not counter the reason for the sale. But I've tried most things you suggest but still haven't sold anything in the past five years. Good question and I answered it for myself just last night as I viewed one of my favorite artists on Instagram. The type of medium that is most commonly used in the art form known as pop art is signage used in advertisements. In addition to those listed below, paintings can be made with many other mediums such as gouache, oil pastel, ink, pencil, markers, spray paint and silkscreen among others. I love the quote from St. Thomas Acquinas, and all the little interesting suggestions. Recent site activity. However this article is helpful with what I need to work on atm. Pros: Acrylic paints, media and products are almost all nontoxic. I recently sold two pastel paintings: the landscape is on a very rough paper (hence the texture) and the abstract is on card. Good quality pastels can produce a unique and luscious sheen in the final surface. A dog is most often depicted in a domestic setting, looking directly at the viewer in an intimate regard. Enjoyed reading your article! She has no marketing skills whatsoever or any desire to please anybody at all, and will barely show her art to anybody. What is the most common medium used in art? Although the trend is shifting towards clothed rather than unclothed figures, there is still (and probably always will be) a market for nudes. No matter what the weather, these wall dogs – a term used to describe sign muralists – work at high altitudes suspended in the air, lugging up to 5,000 pounds of paint at a time to complete massive outdoor billboards. Our analysis is based on artworks sold between mid-2012 and the end of June 2013. Jenny b. I would love to be able to sell my artwork, I have given numerous paintings away and have auctioned off for charity. I love flowers too...maybe I should start there. Not only that, but a landscape might work in any type of house or setting. I love your art...beautiful. After choosing the right painting medium, how do you go about choosing the right colors for your palette? I was in a local art fair this last weekend and sold just one painting. Very good article. I am not saying that anyone should paint a subject simply to sell it, but of course it does happen. Fortunately I mostly paint landscape too, au plain air and from photos of favorite spots. Did he think it would make the painting more commercially successful or was it just a dramatic "finishing touch"? Question: I don't paint, I use graphite only. This might explain, at least in part, why abstract paintings sell so well. Paul Klee's abstract figure, Senecio (Head of a Man) (1922). These ideas are interesting, but do they really matter? Pros: Watercolor naturally creates transparency. You've covered some very good information here. But which media are the most sought-after? I hope to be able to make a living doing something I love so this article has helped. For instance, if you're using a live model (as opposed to a photograph) as your painting's subject, bear in mind that the model needs to be able to focus and remain still during the process. I want to sell more paintings and my genre is favored by buyers. I just paint my critters and hope they sell. I have never seriously considered painting, though I loved art as a subject at school. Some artists who work on a smaller scale intentionally create paintings that are related thematically or stylistically to one another, since this encourages customers to buy more than one and arrange groups of paintings instead of stand-alones. Oil has the potential to crack, especially if used thickly. But since smaller paintings are also generally priced lower, working on a smaller scale is not necessarily more lucrative in the end. In the art of printmaking, "media" tends to refer to the technique used to create a print. What a well put and informational article, thank you for making the time to share all this with us. A case in point is British artist, Mary Feeney. Some were made up from my own head, simply composed to create a great image, but they reminded the buyers of a place they knew. Volume is one aspect of any business which must be addressed. Nice lens. etchings and engravings), Brett Gorvy (co-head of contemporary art at Christie’s International) said that, Due to a recent upsurge of art buyers in the Asian markets, experts at Sotheby’s agreed and added that, On the other hand, other experts claim that red's reign is coming to an end, and predict that. It was also used by countless other famous artists, from Picasso to Botticelli. Tell us in the comments below! This fascinating video is beautiful to watch as Spazuk uses the plumes of soot to guide his artistic vision, adding extra details with paint brushes and even feathers. I wish I had time to take up painting! Login to post a comment. Are smaller paintings more sellable than larger ones? The price paid is a clear example of the skyrocketing prices driven by the “celebrification” of the art market’s top-selling artists. This is a medium-sized market. The yr before, sold 3 paintings. I have sold art via eBay in the past but decided to pull off this site because the auction system did not give me the return I wanted. I listed some sculptures on both Etsy and eBay and thought I’d get more traffic on Etsy because it’s artsy, but I got about 5 views on Etsy and about 70 views on eBay and the traffic came much more quickly. This fascinating video is beautiful to watch as Spazuk uses the plumes of soot to guide his artistic vision, adding extra details with paint brushes and even feathers. Renee Dixon from Kentucky on February 01, 2014: A very good discussion of art and commerce - thank you. While this looks like it could be fake, it's 100% original. I am pleased to announce that in a recent exhibition with my art group, I managed to achieve another sale. SO far so good. Here are the. I have always been fascinated by his work, especially his industrial landscapes and matchstick people. Whether it's a seascape, cityscape, or moonscape; glacial, jungle, or mountaintop; intimate, aerial, or panoramic, a landscape is a natural, appealing choice for most art buyers. Hardly what I expected, but I still spent the money for that sale. I must admit to being unsure what relevance this list has, except that it confirms the fact that limited-edition prints sell better than open-edition prints where more copies can always be produced. The growth in the segment’s revenue has been five times faster than that… representing thirty-six times the volume of turnover generated over the same period ten years earlier and increasing no less than 25% this past year compared with the previous year (July 2012 – June 2013 versus July 2011 – June 2012 ).

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