the last of us 2 leaked gameplay footage

However, this same trailer also arrives with its comments and like/dislike ratio disabled. Advertisement The Last of Us 2 … She then proceeds to start playing guitar, in what appears to be a minigame, where you can play music using a number of the buttons on the DualShock 4 as well as the touch-pad to strum the guitar. One pissed off employee released all of the plot and gameplay footage because Naughty Dog fired him when he demanded his overtime. And on top of that, they do not compensate employees. The thing is people like this make it so anytime there's anyone non straight it seems like it's forced because they never accept any instance and they get a mindset of noticing it, I do think it's weird if there are that many LGBT+ people in the story though allegedly by all the complains. The latest bit about the game’s tightly-guarded story comes from an interview in the December, 2019 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine. The videos in question reveal an angry Ellie, lots of lesbian scenes, linear traveling on foot and by horse, and more. The videos in question reveal an angry Ellie, lots of lesbian scenes, linear traveling on foot and by horse, and more. Another thing is why people thing Abby is trans? You can read that HERE. . Can you send me the video please, i'm so curious about it. The Defender was a “Crime Fighting Vehicle” in the series, the side pods located under the doors contained an array of weapons such as a grappling hook, and missiles, The Last Of Us: Part 2 Leaked Footage Surfaces And Is Filled With SJW Antics *Spoilers*, Just Some Guy, HeelvsBabyface, Lethal Lightning Copyright Struck By Sony And Naughty Dog, Naughty Dog Will Explore Online Factions Mode But Not For Last Of Us Part 2, The Last Of Us: Part 2 Story Will Be Driven By Ellie’s Love For Joel And Dina, You Will Play As Ellie In The Last Of Us: Part II, Says Director, PSX 2016: The Last Of Us Part II Running On New Engine, Last Of Us Part 2 E3 Demo Was Running PS4 Pro; No Downgrades Inbound, Says Naughty Dog, The Last Of Us: Part 2 Delayed To May 29th, 2020, Naughty Dog, Sony Copyright Strikes Shadow Jade For Discussing Last Of Us 2 Copyright Abuse, The Last Of Us: Part 2 Sales Reach 4 Million In 3 Days, According To Sony, The Last Of Us: Part 2 Story Trailer Arrives With Disabled Comments And Like/Dislike Ratio. This is the first footage that has been released outside of the trailers that Sony has shown and allegedly came from a testing builder. No one went to a gym and saw a buff woman? No it's not good, you should never pre order and always wait for reviews, so if you don't like the direction they are going you won't buy it, but now everyone that wanted to experience it spoiler free will have a worse experience. The newly published trailer offers a look at scenes previously showcased in various video leaks as well as new ones. We got to play The Last Of Us Part II late last year, but neither of these videos were taken from gameplay portions that we got to experience in our demo. Got a burning unpopular opinion you want to share? But at the same time a guy dying in a badass way is just as unrealistic as all those LGBT+ people sooo, The story in the last of us is not even good to begin with,it was average, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the unpopularopinion community. But yeah you should be able to find it on YouTube., PM me for 1.5 hours worth of gameplay and cutscenes:) (or just drop your email), Can I have it please ? Even the ending was leaked on the internet, but I can’t find it yet [lol]. Thank ya! It's only unpopular opinion with r/thelastofus mods, shills for big corporations, and people naturally attracted to identity politics. There's not much about their character outside of being Lеѕbians. Was it close to the recent leak? Don't know how they have it but found a blog that still has the clips. Two new The Last Of Us Part II gameplay videos have leaked just a day after it was announced that the game was delayed indefinitely. So anybody catch this before it got taken down from Youtube? Later Abby, the trаnѕgеnder, kills Ellie and her Jеwish girlfriend Dina who is pregnant with some Аsian kid. I'm glad the last of us 2 gameplay footage and plot got leaked , and all of you should too. Sure you guys can go ahead and call me hоmорhоbic or miѕоgynist or whatever (despite the fact I'm a bisеџuаl woman) but I don't think being gαу should be a personality trait ore really make anyone special, to me those are just minor details and i couldn't give any less of a shit about who Ellie is attracted too. The lesbian revenge-sim where protagonist Ellie attempts to hunt down and kill the people responsible for killing her Jewish lover will strictly be a single-player affair, according to Naughty Dog. I couldn't find it and I was curious if anybody here knows where I can watch it. I saw it on YouTube the other day. leaked Last of Us 2 gameplay footage. Hey, can you send me leaks of TLOU2, thanks in advance. (more…), Just Some Guy, HeelvsBabyface, Lethal Lightning Copyright Struck By Sony, Naughty Dog For Discussing Last Of Us 2 Censorship | #TLOU2 #Censorship #Sony, More content creators are being copyright struck by Sony and Naughty over The Last Of Us: Part II leaks. please send clip to me, Yo send that shit to me please Spark some discussions! (more…), Last Of Us Part 2 E3 Demo Was Running PS4 Pro; No Downgrades Inbound, Says Naughty Dog | #PS4 #E3 #E32018 #Sony #TLOU2 #TLOU, During an interview with JeuxActu, The Last of Us Part 2’s co-lead game designer, Emilia Schatz, was asked whether or not the E3 demo was running in real-time and whether or not it was running on actual PlayStation 4 hardware. (more…), PSX 2016: The Last Of Us Part II Announced & It’s Running On A New Engine | #PSX16, According to Sony Computer Entertainment America president Shawn Layden, Naughty Dog is already hard at work on the upcoming sequel to The Last of Us entitled The Last of Us: Part II. Can you sent it to me please? Over 70% of its development team quit over the production of this game because they're sick of the bullshit SЈW shit in there as well as being overworked.

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