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If the reader plug-in is not already installed, you can download it from the Adobe site HERE . October 15, 2020 October 2020 SITREP. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Ref: (a) SECNAVINST 5300.28D (b) Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) (c) DoD Instruction 1332.14 of 28 Aug 08, Please turn on JavaScript and try again. OPNAV INSTRUCTION 5350.4D . Any incident or event not already described in this instruction that meets the threshold repor ting requirements of refer ence (a) for an OPREP-3 … The online documents in the Department of the Navy Issuances System have been grouped in folders. Directives menu, navigate to either "All Instructions" or "SECNAV Instructions & Notices" or "OPNAV Instructions & Notices," as applicable. a. OPNAVINST 5350.4D. This manual implements the policy set forth in Secretary of the Navy Instruction (SECNAVINST) 5210.8D, Department of the Navy Records Management Program, 31 December 2005 and is issued under the authority of SECNAVINST 5430.7N, Assignment of Responsibilities and Authorities in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, 9 June 2005. 2. opnavinst 3100.6h ch-1 is hereby cancelled. this navadmin announces the publication of opnavinst 3100.6j, special incident reporting (oprep-3 pinnacle, oprep-3 navy blue, and oprep-3 navy unit sitrep) procedures. of the Year announced 20-07 NAS Oceana, City of Virginia Beach to Conduct Emergency Training Exercise Today 20-06 NAS Oceana to Live Broadcast Air Show Sept. 19 featuring F/A-18 Super Hornet, F-22 Raptor You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. It is an annual requirement. The Navy's SAPR Program falls under the purview of the 21st Century Sailor Office (OPNAV N17). Examples. Read about Navy SEAL Foundation’s programmatic offerings and the impact these programs have made on thousands of U.S. Navy SEALs, SWCCs, NSW enablers, SEAL and SWCC veterans, their families, and caregivers, and our Gold Star and Surviving Family members in the 2019 Annual Report. OPREP-3 NAVY BLUE reports are used to provide the CNO and other appropriate commands with information concerning incidents of military, political, or press interest which are of high Navy, vice national, level interest. Mrs. Raquel Hernandez, Naval Air Station Lemoore. Thank you. Please write down the following link and type it into your SIPR browser: (This site can only be accessed from a SIPRNET account), CUI (Controlled Unclassfied Information) (Formerly FOUO) OPNAV Issuances are available on the OPNAV Portal in the DNS-15 CUI File Folder at:, *Note:  to find the status of any OPNAV directives that DNS-15 Directives has for action, please utilize the reports, also located in the "OPNAV File Library" on the SECNAV Portal*. -mail will result in faster responses and turn-around time. The SAPR training (One Team One Fight) for civilians is mandatory for all civilians. USFF and NAVPERSCOM enlisted personnel manning policy is executed based on a system of "fair share" manning known as NMP. You may e-mail your requests and questions directly to the SECNAV directives manager at and to the OPNAV directives manager at D.C. 20350-2000. is to promote and foster a culturally aware and informed Navy respectful of all, intolerant of sexual assault, and supported by a synergistic program of prevention, advocacy, and accountability. Mrs. Hernandez distinguished herself as an expert and sensitive case manage. N135 4 Jun 09 . To access the GMT webpage go to My Navy Portal (MNP) at The initial training must be completed within one year of the employee checking into a command and must be face to face. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. 2. Commander’s Quick Reference Legal Handbook (QUICKMAN). To find an instruction by number, under the Directives menu, navigate to either "All Instructions" or "SECNAV Instructions & Notices" or "OPNAV Instructions & Notices," as applicable. SSICs serve as the taxonomy for all departmental records. this Website? To find an instruction by number, under the immediat e threat to the inst allation, facility, or Navy Personnel. Please enable scripts and reload this page. All of the SECNAV and OPNAV documents in this collection follow the appropriate standard subject identification code (SSIC). The Navy GMT webpage is a comprehensive source of training materials and information for GMT. How to create new Instructions, Notices, and Change Transmittals. These folders can be accessed by navigating to the m. CCIR 1-13: Any OPREP-3 PINNACLE or OPRBP-3 Significant NAVY BLUE (or higher) . NMP is managed by PERS-4013 under the direction of the MCAs. The documents in these folders are in portable document format (.pdf). Directives menu item above. 2000 NAVY PENTAGON WASHINGTON. Personnel assets are first allocated to the two MCAs in each rate, rating, and closed-loop Navy Navy Forms are accessible via Naval Forms Online: 20-04 Navy cancels 2020 NAS Oceana Air Show due to COVID-19 concerns 20-05 CNIC shore Aircraft Launch, Recovery Equip. E-mail will result in faster responses and turn-around time. Welcome to the digital collection of unclassified issuances released by the: Classified Issuances Available on SIPRNET. Comments or Suggestions about The instructions follow the appropriate Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC). for requests or questions regarding SECNAV directives; and. Navy Manning Plan (NMP). From: Chief of Naval Operations . If you wish to see what new SECNAV and OPNAV issuances have been uploaded to the DONI Web site in the last 180 days. Department of the Navy SITREP Methods: 2019-2020 Updated October 2019 EpiData Center NMCPHC-EDC-TR-507-2019 Vaccination Coverage Vaccination coverage among DON active duty and reserve service members is assessed weekly to monitor progress toward the DON instruction requiring 90% coverage by 15 December 2019 for

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