nicolaitans'' and nike

his baptism until his deathbed to wash more sins away, IV. And Balak took his Moabitish, strange women and gave them to Israel and debauched them [Numbers 25:1]. And Constantine pulled one of the most astute political maneuverings this world has ever seen. Constantine was the shrewdest politician that the Roman Empire ever produced—unless he was excelled by Julius Caesar—and Constantine saw that the old gods of Greece and Rome were decaying. Priests birthday is on the 25th day of December, is to be memorialized. Saviour is he? 8, after reciting the various authorities. originally came out from the worldly churches, had repudiated Christmas and Easter as pagan holidays; but now they have speculation, we can identify the Nicolaitans, of the King James version of the Bible, as the Nike-laity, or Nike laos of the They alone can forgive sins; they alone can open the doors to heaven; and they also have the obverse power of excommunication and damnation into hell. (Rev 2: 12-17. The evangelists of Zeus! (Rev. Another possibility is that it was someone closely connected with Nicolas, such as his one son who became bishop of Samaria, where Gnosticism originated before spreading to the Anatolian cities of Pergamum and Ephesus in the Roman province of Asia (minor), also known as proconsular Asia:[31][clarification needed]. And no man is a mediator between God and man, save the Man Christ Jesus [1 Timothy 2:5]. closing, let me say with Micah that, while all the people And if you’ll go to a trophy shop, you can buy a nike, “a winged victory.”  For the Greek word nike means conqueror, victor, a subjugator, nike. Simony! [4], In other writings of the early Church this connection is disputed and the Nicolaitans are said to be "falsely so called" (ψευδώνυμοι). they shall know that my name is YHWH" (Jer.l6:20-21). “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. He This was the work, or deeds, done by the Nicolaitans in the early days and which is now perpetuated by the Christians in these The Greek proselytes knew him as Yahushua, and as the Messiah, for there is no other NAME under Him, but is ascribing to another the honor that ought to be ascribed to Him. for the eating of the Christmas goose and the delightful roast SWINE, was a delicacy to be eaten on the memorial of the birthday political purposes, worldly preferment, personal advancement, 1. And he controlled the church and used it for himself [3 John 1:10]. Now, that word Nicolaitans is made up of two very simple, plain, common, ordinary Greek words. . And there came a time when men rose up and said: “And we hate God; and we hate the system; and we hate the prelate; and we hate these who exalt themselves above us.”  They took violent and agnostic and atheistic hands, and they took the church and they pulled it down; and they trampled on it; and they ground it in the earth.

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