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Hello, thank you for this great review… I have a question, I have been using the Pegasus 34 size 10.5 for some months and it is one of the best running shoes I’ve ever used… I heard some comments about Pegasus 35 that for the same size it is a little bit smaller than Pegasus 34… Should I buy bigger size? Also, the Pegasus Turbo review is here.) But one stands out from the rest, and that’s the lacing design. Its overall effect is very subtle, however. And then there’s the matter of the Zoom Air bag itself – the chamber is tightly sprung and offers ample resistance to compression. This year in July, Nike entered the world market of running shoes in a really big style when introduced its new Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo. As far as the Pegasus is concerned, the forefoot flex groove ceased to be relevant since the version 33. Not bad for a durable daily trainer. We say this because the outer mesh doesn’t have any stretch. It may be worthwhile to mention that while the very responsive midfoot/toe may work for a lot of people, it could also cause issues for a select few.”. So something has changed on the Pegasus 35. The mesh hugs the area all the way from the small toe to the midfoot. The Pegasus is also a great marathon shoe because of its desirable fit and ride manners. The Pegasus 35’s forefoot is a much smoother and comfortable place to be in. The ride quality had decent levels of support for a neutral trainer, and the shoe didn’t weigh a lot. Dernière mise à jour des prix Amazon : novembre 12, 2020 4:28, Nous serions ravis de connaître votre avis, Excellentes chaussures de route ultra-polyvalentes. Ok, this part is slightly tricky. The Mizuno Wave Rider 22 is another option if you’re looking for a daily trainer which isn’t overly cushy. feedback is that air displacement does occur momentarily for forefoot strikers. Rather, we quite like how the 35’s heel fits. This is because of the stiff Zoom Air bag – the Pegasus 34 was also similar in this regard. I’m very used to 4mm drop and just recently went up to 6mm, and I’m pretty comfortable between these drops so far. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 : le test ! The 35 taps into design inspiration from the elusive Vaporfly 4%, borrowing the boat-shaped midsole and a brand upper with a heel ‘lip.’ As a result, the interiors fit a bit differently than the outgoing model. Incidentally, one of our readers mentioned that the full-length Zoom Air bag is thinner than the separate Zoom Air units of the Pegasus 34. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. The midsole contains the same materials as its predecessor: a mix of Nike Zoom Air and Cushlon foam. Though the Vomero 13 is supposed to be an upgrade from the Pegasus, the 35’s full-length Zoom is better value than the Vomero’s separate heel and forefoot Zoom Air equipped midsole. Thank you! Sales Manager. The Elite’s a good shoe to rotate with the Pegasus if you need a shoe with better speed manners. The Harmony OSR Road 2 is priced the same as the Pegasus and has a cushioned heel with a relatively firm forefoot for efficient transitions. And 10 years ago, the Pegasus 25 and 26 had full-length Air, although it wasn’t Zoom. So it’ll be some time before we can ascertain the change in the thickness of the Zoom Air bag. Decision. The firm midsole sidewalls make the ride supportive, and the internal Zoom Air bag delivers plenty of cushioning and responsiveness without slowing you down. Similaires. This cavity tapers into a narrow and deep channel under the midfoot and forefoot, bifurcating the outsole into separate sections. Weight loading on the AM2015’s forefoot or heel led to an uneven cushioning due to air displacement. Copyright Believe In The Run / Big Run Media © 2018, Nike Air Pegasus 35 Review: One of the Best Running Shoes of 2018, Topo Athletic Ultraventure Pro Performance Review, ASICS GEL-Nimbus Lite 2 Performance Review, Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Performance Review, Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% Performance Review. If you follow my reviews then you know my top shoe this year to date is the Nike Epic React. Sure, there have been exceptions like the 1997 Pegasus with Max Air or the 1999 Pegasus ‘racer,’ but then this was in the wacky nineties so we’ll have to cut Nike some slack. These updates help outsole articulation during movement and reduce stiffness. And this is expected, given the material consistency from the heel to toe. There’s a fused material over the heel center with a tiny reflective strip. If you view the Pegasus from the side, you’ll see that the heel first curves inwards before flaring out. I weighed my size 10.5 in at 10 oz. The shallowness of the upper becomes apparent when the mesh touches the top of the big toe. This update has no negative effect on the fit quality. Maybe too soft. The Pegasus 35 is a phenomenal illustration of the point. This isn’t to say that the Pegasus 33 was a lesser shoe, but the full-length Zoom and the relatively comfortable upper makes the Nike an even sweeter deal. Je m'abonne à la newsletter pour recevoir les derniers tests et offres spéciales ! Keep it if it works for you. Tags : Test. Have you run on the Odyssey React? Most echoed a similar sentiment as this review, praising the shoe’s all-around versatility. So in short, the forefoot is snug and the toe-box is shallow but without any pressure hot-spots. The Peg will be more than enough shoe for you. While the shoe was never positioned as an entry-level product, it was always an excellent generalist. It retails in double digits, and the midsole has a heel Zoom and Cushlon EVA foam. The heel landing area receives significant tweaks. Pour des chaussures plus moelleuses nous vous conseillons les Nike Epic React Flyknit. The Pegasus 35’s upper has plenty of noteworthy updates. I’m a bit worried that the change may have big impact on my form and running in general. Regardless of the Pegasus version, the cushioning was neither too soft nor too firm. In fact, the Nike Pegasus’s midsole has swung frequently between various Air bag set-ups. For example, the Nike Air Max 2015 used a regular air bag. It is true that a full-length Zoom Air won’t compartmentalize its content as well as a forefoot-only Zoom Air bag does. The toe-box height hasn’t been the same since the Pegasus 31, and that applies to the 35 too. feedback out there so in the rare instance a forefoot Zoom Air results in a mild discomfort, know that it’s not just you. The Vomero 13 still has a softer ride than the 35 due to its blown rubber outsole and a softer midsole. Here’s a cross-sectional picture of the Zoom Air bag which shows the inner workings of a drop-stitch design. With the eyelets moved the toebox opens up and accommodates more foot shapes, it also creates more flex in the toe. The forefoot no longer has the deep flex groove. I prefer the Epic React over the Peg 35, but it is a close call. Locking a full-length Zoom Air Bag is an old trick – Nike did it 22 years ago with the Zoom Alpha, and there’s no reason why Nike can’t do it today. […] • “This is a superior daily trainer. 03/12/2018 Runnerexpert Comments 0 Comment. (Review updated on January 27th 2019 with additional tear-down/dissection images and accompanying captions. Leave a comment, and we will address it. The cushioning is super soft, yet responsive. The fit is true to size. The outer heel is short on aesthetic details. Meaghan: I know the beveled heel is the “look” right now, but does anyone else think these are little elf-like? And this is exactly what’s made it so popular – a running shoe which works for everyone. It got to the point where when I was running in them that my right hamstring would cramp up and I had to take these shoes out of my rotation. At faster paces, the ride feels great too. What is it? The midsole and outsole provide ample protection from minor imperfections on the trail surface. Grâce à une empeigne flexible mais qui garde bien sa forme, elles sauront convenir à la majorité des coureurs. The ride of the Pegasus 35 is super smooth, and it is light enough to do double duty as a daily trainer and a tempo shoe. Like the previous version, the midfoot is sleeved and eliminates tongue slide. The full-length Zoom design of the Pegasus 35 is half the thickness (refer to the comparison picture above) of the heel and forefoot Zoom found in the earlier versions. That being said, all these changes have not altered the Pegasus’s value proposition as a daily workhorse. One could use the Pegasus for daily training runs an… The Pegasus 35 is a phenomenal illustration of the point. If you’re run-walking or easy running (10 min/mile or 6 min/km or slower), there’s enough comfort for doing so. With the laces moved back, the Peg 35 has more room in the toe box without feeling sloppy. Reflectivity is just on the heel center and nowhere else. In a drop-stitch construction, the floor and the ceiling of the Air bag are connected by a dense cluster of thin yarns. But less than 200 miles in, the outsole is shredded. Last year I did my marathon in the Asics Dynaflyte 2, but they don’t seem to work for me anymore, don’t know. Midsole: Full-length Zoom Air bag, EVA foam. I have high arches and like the Glycerin 16 from Brooks a lot. The outsole looks familiar with full coverage of durable rubber. She’s often found tearing up the promenade on Baltimore’s waterfront early in the morning. "Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox.". Also, Nike made a ladies version for this model, which features a slightly softer foam cushioning (great) but apparently women have narrower heels and higher arches when compared to men. There’s no slippage of any kind. This is important for the Pegasus because it doesn’t use a softer blown rubber outsole like the Vomero. The Floatride design promoted heel edge landing instead of a regular rearfoot strike. Also, the Pegasus Turbo review is here.). Learn how your comment data is processed. If traditional neutral trainers are your thing, then you have a couple of solid options. Nike has recently released the Zoom Elite with minor updates. “….I was considering using the Peg 33s for my half marathon, but when I took them out for longer runs, as I became fatigued the Zoom Air bag in the front of the shoe would cause my foot to “kick” forward and mess with my stride. There was some negative feedback which we found interesting. The multi-layered midsole isn’t mushy, and the shoe is lightweight within its segment. His mission is to get everyone running. Meaghan: The Nike Pegasus 35 has become my go-to for every day, easy runs. Instead, the rubber outsole on the inner side has a large number of ‘windows’ exposing the midsole foam. And finally, the Pegasus was always a very durable shoe, thus stretching your running shoe dollars farther than the rest. The Wave plate adds a bit of snap to the ride, and the broad forefoot midsole is very stable. I didn’t find the 34s to have quite enough arch support for me, but I only require light to moderate arch support. Unlike the softer Vomero, the Pegasus’s EVA foam has a higher density. When you make a purchase using the retailer links in our reviews, we may earn a small commission. The upper uses an external layer of engineered mesh over a full inner sleeve. We know that putting the words ‘Nike’ and ‘unchanged’ together sounds uncharacteristic. The Pegasus 34 is a fallback option for a lesser price if you’re not a fan of the 35’s new midsole and upper design. Just have a strange feeling recently…. Vos données ne seront jamais partagées avec un tiers. Also, the Pegasus 35’s upper is as soft, if not more than the Vomero 13. The interior of the Peg 35 features soft mesh with a stitched in tongue. Les Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo sont toutefois à privilégier pour un usage sur piste et sur route pour en tirer leur totale efficacité et ne pas accélérer l’usure de la mousse. The Pegasus 35’s headlining act is its full-length Zoom Air bag. Nous basons nos recommandations sur les dernières découvertes de la recherche scientifique. The React and the Peg 35 will both perform well. lydia. Surprisingly, some brands get this part wrong. Perhaps dropping the stack is where they eliminated some weight. The full-length Zoom configuration also makes the ride smoother as opposed to a separate heel and forefoot Zoom Air bag set-up.

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