old king thor vs rune king thor

I'm pretty sure destroying Yggdrasil and the realms, who are confirmed universes, is far above throwing 3 stars. Hercules was putting up a good fight, he was losing yes, but the Chaos King had to struggle for all Mikaboshi was worth to pull a lead. He is a high scale reality warper and can control time and space as much as he wants. He has the power of the 5D imps, who can wreck the multiverse with a snap of their fingers. There is also one hint on who they might be. @sabbavsk: I don’t know the feat but is it better then destroying 9 universes? Prime is immune to magic. Rune King Thor and this version of Herc are both on Skyfather level except that Chaos War Hercules is stated to be the most powerful skyfather ever to exist. Yeah i agree with Nessy, i'm going to have to say Electric Shark Superman is his most powerful incarnation, but that doesn't really change the question now does it. P.S. First round without Odin force Second round with Odin Force Fight takes place in the negative zone. Once again friendly forum nt arguing now.. the people on comicvine vine praise rkt so heavily on his power and then when i put him up against who i believe is a worthy opponent thts its not close? @P0rtal: when has Hercules ever demonstrated to be slightly physically above Thor? Necro Thor > Rune Thor > Old king Thor > Odinforce Thor > street level Thor. Odin used it to trap Surtur within his own body, becoming a living prison for the fire Elemental. Yes he has, I don't have them handy, but I'm sure someone will post. Well Odin himself has Odin Force and Rune Magic, thats the only reason why Thor has to die twice to gain rune magic as opposed to once (because Odin already did it once). That would put him with the 2 best feats between the 2 versions of Thor I'd think. Also dont hang on to the fail of an argument that says RKT has omniscience. - Are they not the same 616 Thor just in the future? We’ve seen Old King Thor tussle with the Phoenix Force and Starbrand/Sorceror Supreme Doom, looks like he may fight Necro sword Loki here sooner or later. While there is no denying Hercules was actually losing, and he was, he did hold his own against Chaos King for quite a while. I'd disagree with this. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @supkent: Yea it felt like old Jason Aaron, the one that wrote the God Butcher stuff years ago. But think for one instance, when has RKT been shown to be far above Odin? While OKT is impressive (briefly overpowering Galactus, fighting evenly with the Phoenix Force, creating galaxy level storms, etc) he probably won't ever be on Rune's level. Not trying to start anything, just stating the facts. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been locked. I'm a little new to RKT and the OF but isn't the OF all magic? While it would be nice to see RKT return briefly so he gets more feats, I'd rather wait until Aaron's finished his current nerf of the Asgardians. Note that every atribut of Thor (strength, durability, OdinForce he had in that time ... ) was skyrocketed. the second part is hard to deny, Mikaboshi amped Zeus damn near one shotted Galactus, while Hercules fought him for a long battle, was losing, and in his weakened condition recreated 98% of the multiverse (or universe, if you go by more recent bios), should put him comfortably above Galactus i would think. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And like u said he hung himself twice to gain power, wouldn't tht give the assumption tht he is twice as powerful as Odin? Its would have been nice to see Alyssa try and fabricate an argument out of nothing though. Effectively the answer is just “He’s Thor” but there’s obviously a bit more to it than that. RKT is around multi-galaxy level. I am a little unsure what dont viners believe anymore, that RKT is far above Odin? Thor used it to destroy the Blood Axe of Skurge the Executioner, stating that only the Odin Force was capable of doing so. He is second to The Presence. The only feat I will be using for Supeman Prime One Million is from his much younger self All-Star Superman where his power’s triple every 15 minutes in the sun. By himself. Chaos War Hercules is stronger and more powerful, but Rune King Thor had one very important ability which is being underestimated...omniscience. But that's 616, isn't it? Odin used it to create and empower Stormbreaker, the hammer of Beta Ray Bill. So.. Good job ur barely keeping on my toes, @P0rtal: rkt is abive skyfather ..in fact with his facing gods off old and them being scared off him Thor was arguably elder god, @The_Lunact_And_Manic: yep rune king thor was stated to be the most powerfull mythological god. RKT is superior to Galactus by a factor of 9 based on feats. I'd say that Rune King Thor is about equal to Galactus, so he should be a little more powerful than Old King Thor. im sure that old king thor nails this headon, he has the advantage of having much cooler beard, not to mention the eyepatch, rune kings not going to know what hit him. @lukadoncicmvp: Old King Thor is making sure the universe doesn't collapse. You're correct about the Thought Robot being the strongest incarnation of Superman. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. And do not get me any wrong Chaos War Hercules is an immense force to be reckoned with and its a battle that i feel could go either way but in no case do i think it could be a stomp. Thor has used the Odin Force to stop time itself. So wouldn't that side of him weaken supes alone? Both are far above Skyfather level. He died at the end of the story arc and came back 3 years later on 2007, but this time he didn't have the power of the runes. The whole Chaos War 05 where Hercules made himself bigger than earth, and fought (albiet a losing battle) against Chaos King for the entire issue should be proof enough that he is far above RKT pay grade anyways. Rune King Thor destroyed 9 universes. And I thought OKT (God of Thunder) wasn't 616, @underfire47: I can't seriously believe Jason aaron wrote that King Thor book, In those four issue he respected Thor way more that he did in his past 7 years. He is literally keep reality together. Exactly where was this stated? So I’ll discuss that whole story. People really think this is close? Obviously, he was short-lived, but the most obvious difference was his wisdom/intelligence. Well every wikis is telling this.I know i know sometimes Wiki is shyt but at the same time more than 1wiki shows this.Unless the Superman i have in mind is not the one we are talking in this thread. Neither of them is true. I'd say he was roughly as powerful or just slightly more so than Odin. Chaos War 03 : Before having absorbed a lot of universe, in a weakened power level, a chaos King powered Zeus stomped Galactus. I believe RKT is confirmed strongest Thor. Rune King Thor > Odin, his full powers i dont think were fully explored but he does have some impressive feats. With one strike he complelty destroys the dimensional barrier and alows Surtur to march in Valhalla                Teleports Bill to another Galaxy (which is evident in GodHunter)        This was done (note Fenris how he swallows the stars)  Now for the top showing - breaking the cycle of Ragnarok (chainging the destiny compeltly) and destroying Those Who Sit Above In The Shadow               This scan explains what are Those Who Sit Above In The Shadow - Gods to Gods (even Odin was nothing compared to them)                Destroying the Ygdrassil Tree (which is holding the Earth and nine worlds (dimesnions) )        This is Ygradssil tree with nine worlds     Now one explanation on who are Those Who Sit Above In The Shadow. RKT is Thor + Odin Force + Rune Magic + nigh omniscience. Scan above showns that he became omniscent. Really curious. Why try and wank RKT more than what he is. Superman Prime One Million is not Superman's most powerful incarnation. Old King Thor takes the victory solely on the basis of his latest performance. Rune King Thor > Odin, his full powers i dont think were fully explored but he does have some impressive feats. As far as I know RKT is the most powerful version of Thor by a pretty significant margin. Yep. Team Rune King Thor vs Team Superman Prime One-Million # Either way, Superman Prime 1 Million is featless. you give any version of Supes the SOS, it would be stomp. Bump. I love how when Thor has amazing feats its PIS but if Supes does it "Well he's Superman".

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