once upon a time peter pan

Henry, not meaning to take things so far, is quick to apologize and drops his sword in dismay. When he was a boy, he would visit the magical land of Neverland in his dreams and became obsessed with the prospect of flying. ("Lost Girl"), When Henry wakes up, Pan allows him to try his hand at target practice by hitting an placed apple on Felix's head. Pan then walks up, and Mr. Gold introduces a confused Zelena to his father. Killian begins doubting their king, but Liam snatches the drawing back and the two brothers head to Dead Man's Peak. After Pan affirms he lives on the island, Liam introduces himself and his brother while briefing on their mission, on orders of the king, to procure a specific healing plant, Dreamshade. With a smile, Pan verifies it’s not about finding Henry, but how Emma finds him as well as the fact she’s the only one who can. As Henry, he goes to the upper level of the ship while they are flying back to Storybrooke and offers a disenchanted Felix a plate of food. He magically immobilizes all those on Main Street and, after taking back the scroll, decides to start with his grandson, but Mr. Gold soon exits his shop as well, intent on stopping his father. For a moment, Henry considers it, even though Pan presses that his family is lying because they don't want him to give up his own heart for the greater good. He laments over Neal’s decision to leave Mr. Gold and doing so made him vulnerable without protection, however, if they had not separated, Henry would be the one in danger. Such a deed turns her into the Black Fairy, and she ends up using the Shears of Destiny to sever her son from his fate as the savior instead, refusing to give up her own power. Suspecting Henry is eavesdropping, Pan assigns Felix to deliver supplies to the other side of the island. At one time, the Shadow brings back a girl, Wendy, to Neverland, but she goes home the night after. Henry then theorizes that Pan has his family prisoner, and so decides to sneak out of the camp to investigate. After granted youth, he was sadistic, self-centered, arrogant and twisted. Peter Pan At the sound of Henry groggily waking up, Pan ushers some of the Lost Boys to take a shouting Neal away to an unknown holding location. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning") Sometime after this, Pan allows Captain Hook and Smee to travel into the Enchanted Forest for an order of cakes. Pan takes Felix's heart because he has always been most loyal to him, and sacrifices it. He approaches to ask them if they are lost, to which the two draw their swords at him. Malcolm points out that all they need now is the perfect name, but the scene is interrupted by a pair of fairies, known as Tiger Lily and the Blue Fairy, with the former claiming to be this child's fairy godmother.

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