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To transition to this phase no trendelenburg gait present and full ROM with minimal complaints of pain. Go to the hyperlink for your surgeon, than look for a hyper-link for a particular joint that you expect to have or have had surgery. D/C of crutches is based on symmetrical gait pattern NOT PAIN LEVEL, Ext. With 27 locations around the state—including on-site physical therapy, orthopedic urgent care, and out-patient surgery centers—OrthoVirginia makes it easy to get on the path to recovery. Each individual brings their own unique parameters to the surgery. You want to get back to your active life. Quite frequently there is an increased risk of experiencing a compensatory repetitive use injury as a result of joint injury and surgical repair. Call us at (804) 285-2300. To move from phase 1 to 2: ROM must be 75% or equal to that of the other side. To find a post-surgical protocol go to the orthopedic you’re surgeon’s web site. It is common for patients to compete against the expectations of the protocol. Therapy Protocols for Knee and Shoulder injuries and conditions. Patients want to progress through the phases at a faster time. © 2020 OrthoVirginia The progression through the protocol is determined by “Mother nature”. Therapy will begin after your surgery with Dr. Kiritsis. Appointments Make A Payment. Midlothian Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Paul Kiritsis, is dedicated to providing you with a pleasant visit. Rehabilitation Protocol Ira K. Evans, M.D. Medical Website Design by PBHS © 2020 • Non-Discrimination Notice, Orthopedic Surgeon Paul Kiritsis Treats Injuries and Disorders of the Shoulder and Knee in Midlothian VA, ACL Reconstruction with Patellar Tendon Autograft, Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate for Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Viscosupplementation for Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Post-Operative Instructions: Shoulder Surgery, Post-Operative Instructions: Knee Surgery. Get in Touch Today Dr. Kiritsis is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who is one of a few orthopedic surgeons in the Richmond Virginia area to hold a subspecialty certification in sports medicine. Patients with labral repair may take 4 months to get full ER and IR. Post-operative Rehabilitation Protocols Shoulder Shoulder Arthroscopy (General) SLAP or Anterior Labral Repair Posterior Labral Repair Rotator Cuff Repair CC Ligament Reconstruction Latarjet Procedure Pec Tendon Repair Pec Tendon Transfer Total Shoulder or Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Knee Knee Arthroscopy (General) Knee Microfracture or OATS Meniscus Repair Meniscus Root … Need good psoas and piriformis flexibility and no trendelenburg sign. Office: 8am – 5pm, Mon – Fri Urgent Care: in our Wakefield & Knightdale Locations 919-562-9410 Mother Nature does not like to be interfered with. Here is an example of post-surgical protocols: shoulder protocol example; knee protocol example. The protocol will outline the step by step process of recovery and rehabilitation process. The protocol defines the expected time frame for recovery from the surgery. Call Dr. Kittredge's Office 804-379-2414. Download the PDF from the list below for your condition or surgery to follow the rehab exercises or get more details from the menu on the right. Ask you physical therapist for something extra. Richmond VA Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Paul Kiritsis. Goal is to protect and minimize pain and inflammation, initiate early motion Weight bearing precautions: Debridement: WB as tolerated; Labral repair or osteoplasty: TTWB for 3 weeks (may be up to 6 weeks if specified by MD) **Symmetrical gait pattern is important. We’ll help you reclaim your mobility, strength, and well-being—right from the start. If the surgeon does not post the post-surgical protocol on the internet ask his office staff for a copy. In my experience high level s of motivation and high pain thresholds are more likely to disrupt the healing process. Richmond VA Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Paul Kiritsis. Lie prone 1 to 2 hours a day  (work up to this amount). Despite the outstanding surgery and outstanding rehabilitation program the injury and surgery is a repair and salvage procedure. Accessory Navicular … For example total knee joint replacement surgery that occurs because of degeneration of the knee joint. Ask the Physical Therapist what strategies can be undertaken to prevent future injuries? We get it. Recognize the pre-operation surgical diagnosis may not be the same as the post-operation surgical diagnosis. © 2020 Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia.All rights reserved. Ask for more than the standard protocol. Following a post-surgical rehabilitation protocol is quite simple. 25°  (10 days -2 weeks)—for labral repair only, Passive supine hip roll into IR: weeks 1-2, Isometrics gluts, quads, HS, TrA: weeks 1-4, PROM emphasize prone lying, IR, circumduction: weeks 1-4, Water walking with flotation (if no pain): weeks 2-6, 3 way leg raises (abd, etc, add): weeks 3-6, Water jogging with flotation device (if no pain): weeks 3-6, Double 1/3 knee bends (partial squats): weeks 5-6, Hip flexor stretch (off bed, with chair, or kneeling; kneeling preferred): weeks 5-7, Involved knee to chest, adductor stretch: weeks 5-7, Seated resisted IR/ER (in less than 90 degrees flexion): weeks 5-7, Freestyle swimming (non-competitive): weeks 5-7, Side stepping with abductor band: weeks 7-9, Lunges with lunges with trunk rotation: weeks 7-9, Core ball stabilization progression: weeks 7-9, Forward/backward/sideways with walking cord: weeks 7-9, Initial agility drills - single plane (eccentric control and shock absorption is important to instruct patient): week 9, Functional testing - sportcord test: weeks 17-25, Core stabilization and transverse strengthening. Physical therapy protocol for debridement and/or labral repair of hip. The University of Virginia, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, is seeking adults with articular cartilage defects in the knee. Sports Medicine North Orthopedic Specialty Center One Orthopedics Drive Peabody, MA 01960 ike@sportsmednorth.com Tel: (978) 818-6350 Fax: (978) 818-6355 www.sportsmednorth.com MEET OUR NEW ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON, HAND SPECIALIST, DR. TARR HERE. I describe the phases of tissue healing as the first stage is “rest and protect”, the second phase as “on the fence”, and the final phase as “push and build”. It depends. It also could be related to faulty movement patterns originating from the hip joint. Ask your Physical Therapist which of the exercises on the protocol deserve higher priority. Medius and maximus must function without compensation from hip flexors or quadratus lumborum to avoid anterior impingement, Call Dr. Thompson's Office For each phase the most appropriate level of activity and exercise is spelled out. Virginia orthopedics. Strategies need to be developed to address this issue and your Physical Therapist can help with this.

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