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That being said, with so many castles in England, it can actually be hard to pinpoint just a handful to visit; especially when they’re dotted all over the country. Tourists flock to Bourton on the Water, with the idyllic River Windrush cutting through it. Tattershall Castle is one of a kind and a totally beautiful place to visit for a little day trip. Copyright © Hand Luggage Only. Bodiam Castle might be smaller than most, but it’s certainly one of the best castles in England to visit on your next trip. This all makes it easy to visit on a trip around southern England. We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences and savor the journey. Nowadays, we obviously don’t need that protection and it’s been opened up for us all to enjoy. Tintagel Castle is everything you’d want from a castle – set on a small island, split by a long footbridge across a sheer cliff face, and home to more than a millennium of fascinating history. Read more: Pretty places in England to explore, The 19 Prettiest And Best Places To Visit In England. Especially when travelling around the London region. Built by William the Conqueror, Clifford’s Tower provides a spectacular view of the city. The site was once home to the kings of ancient Northumbria long before the Normans built a castle, with settlements having stood here since prehistoric times — making it an important archaeological site, as reflected by ongoing digs. For the best view of the city and surrounding area, head to the Wainhouse Tower and get ready to climb. The 11th Century Dover Castle is commonly referred to as the key to England due to its significant location in protecting the southeastern shores from continental Europe. Bamburgh Castle has a written history dating back to 420AD, making it one of the older castles in England to exploring. It’s a gorgeous area. While London might be the seat of royalty and the crown jewel of the United Kingdom, there are plenty of other places to visit that are just as worth your time. Plus, make sure no special events are planned as certain areas will be closed depending on the day. Its magnificent appearance makes Bamburgh a popular location for filming. Located about 20 miles from Manchester, Halifax is the town where the show’s real-life heroine, Anne Lister, lived in the early 1800s. First referred to in 1136 and described as “very strong” by the then King of Scotland, Alnwick Castle became a site of major strategic significance during subsequent conflicts between the English and the Scots. Once here, make sure to see the historic workhouse, see the Tudor chimneys and learn more about the history of this place. The towers play host to various exhibitions, displaying artefacts from all over the world, including. Small towns along the Jurassic Coast, including Lyme Regis, Weymouth, and West Lulworth, offer holiday homes, cottages, and inns, all with breathtaking views. After all, this is what makes exploring England so amazing! Chocolate Fiend and Custard Lover. Our goal, to share the world’s unique, hidden and once in a lifetime locations with you to create unforgettable memories. Among the castle’s spectral residents are Lady Mary Berkeley, some mysterious men who talk in the chapel, and the ‘blue boy’ – a wailing child whose appearances are preceded by the glow of a blue halo. Have the best trip! It was donated to the nation in 1945 and is owned and run by English Heritage. Today, the Crown Jewels are housed here and on show to the public, along with the tower, which has become one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Perched in East Sussex, this 14th Century castle has hundreds of years of history and can be easily explored. This 15th Century castle is one of the best castles in England if you want to see a redbrick example of a castle. Read more: Best things to do in southern England. England is famous around the world for its castles, and hundreds are still standing that are worth a visit. Read more: Best places in Southern England to visit. This delightful seaside spot has been a favorite of royals; stop by the Royal Pavilion to get your history in and see why King George IV loved this spot so much. The wool trade and clothmaking were once top industries in Halifax; The Piece Hall was constructed in 1779 and served as a place where weavers could sell their goods. In fact, in the Battle of Alnwick, William the Scot was captured, turning the tide of the war. Established on Christmas day, way back in 1067, Arundel Castle is one of the most iconic and best castles in England to visit. The Romans who founded it called it Eboracum; Saxons and Vikings eventually passed through, and all left their distinct imprints behind. Read more: Best cities to visit in England. Here's our pick of the best places to go in 2020 without leaving the UK. The scale of Middleham alone makes it a fascinating place to explore. It is a city full of history and beauty, and you’ll find something amazing around every corner. The totally dramatic castle of Framlingham has some of the highest defence walls in the UK and easily one of the best castles in England to visit. Lindisfarne Castle is definitely one of my favourites and easily, one of the best castles in England – perhaps especially as it sits on the holy island in Northumberland, which gets cut off from the rest of the UK several times a day when the tide rolls in and the road to the island disappears. From remote islands and national parks near London to a West Country wave machine This is a road trip most people haven’t heard of, but it is absolutely worth taking. Each year, it sees hundreds of thousands of visitors, who walk the ruins and learn about the castle’s long, colourful past and various occupants. This 15th Century castle is one of the best castles in England if you want to see a redbrick example of a castle. From its creamy-complexioned Royal Crescent townhouses to the famed Roman baths from which it takes its name, Bath is a blockbuster of a stop. Nowadays, you don’t need to worry about the War of the Roses and can easily head inside to explore the staterooms, grounds and the magnificent beach it looks over. Be sure to keep your sandals on, and check the temperature before you go. Now serving double duty as a tourist attraction and a hotel, Chillingham Castle has a very particular reputation that its name somewhat hints at: it is said to be the most haunted castle in Britain. In the 15th century, the palatial castle was home to some of the nation’s most prominent lords and was the childhood home of Richard III — an unpopular king cast in an infinite state of villainy by the hand of William Shakespeare. It really is a gorgeous area that’s filled with some of the best castles in England. The Channel waters might be too chilly to swim in, but Brighton is the perfect place for an oceanfront stroll. Interestingly, the castle might seem relatively new (as the best castles in England go). Take a wander around the castle grounds, see the beautiful architecture and partner it up with a little trip to the coast. It really is a stunning place to visit. The whole area is totally stunning and it’s easily one of the best castles in England to exploring when in the north. The history of this place is absolutely fascinating, so much so that you could easily spend hours here.

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