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Louvered panels are shipped in kit form and must be assembled on site. Here, we show you how to build a timber pergola. Properly Installed and with the correct inclination, it can stand wind forces up, Opera and Vision can both be made with projections up to 700 cm or maximum 33 each blades. OLT will provide you a rough quote after we discuss all the details with you. read more. Height: if you plan to grow plants over it, leave enough headroom to walk beneath the pergola; 2.15m is the minimum, 2.5m is better. If not, call us immediately. Watch our Lining Up Posts & Brackets video to the right. Keep panels open to let the sunshine in or close easily and quickly for added privacy. Carriers typically deliver between. Retrouvez la pergola bioclimatique ADONIS chez Direct-Abris et profitez de votre jardin toute lannée grâce à ses lames orientables. When making your initial appointment, request a morning appointment if possible. This video will show you just how quickly you can assemble Outdoor Living Today’s Breeze Pergola. Looking for the right pergola for your backyard or outdoor living space? There is also enough room for an outdoor couch for a relaxed seating area. small balconies, roof terraces, other terraces or for restaurant use . We take great pride in high quality construction, exceptional service and expert installation. Pergola awnings can be used for small or very large areas e.g. pictures of small backyard pavilions plans, wood plastic pergolas in Antigua and Barbuda. Calculate your Overall (Tip to Tip) Dimensions. We can custom manufacture a pergola to fit your exact space. Popular sizes include 16×16, 16×20, and 20×20 pergolas. L x 192 in. Here is what you will need to do. Looking for a larger pergola for your backyard patio? Morning appointments are usually met, however it is possible that afternoon deliveries may be delivered late or not at all that day. Although the pergola is stable and strong without installing a bracket, installation of the brackets will firm up the structure and lessen the amount of sway that may occur with your structure. Shop Pergola Depot today. 6 engineered 5-1/2 in. Western red cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insects. 3. pergola dimensions final dimensions hammock pergola dimensions pergola dimensions in cm.. aluminum steel pergola with single finish dimensions australia rafter span spacing,pergola rafter span nz hammock dimensions post size general information about our pergolas standard,rustic pergola kits easy install custom built look rafter span dimensions uk wood,pergola wood dimensions custom design. This makes the post to post dimensions about 10 feet by 16 feet, which is about the size you will get to use. The aluminium pergola awning for flexible weather protection. There is a time limit of 15-20 free minutes so it is best to have someone there to assist you. 138 in. 1. Pergola dimensions: 100% customized. Be sure to ask for a weekend contact and phone number. 344.2 cm. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we also offer gazebo kits, pergola kits, and pavilion kits which are manufactured with the same materials and high quality standards for easy assembly at your location! The cost of a pergola depends on both the size and the construction material. Pergola awnings are the ideal choice for exposed locations subject to strong winds and also offer comprehensive protection. If not indicated by customer, this upright will be centered under the beam on both the. *The maximum depth for any of our custom pergolas can only be Check for. Would you like to know which dimensions are possible for your custom pergola? Also, when we say its a pergola, we mean its a gazebo with pergola features. A 10×10 pergola also works well as a grill canopy or as the centerpiece of a backyard garden. Assembled dimensions: 10' W x 10' D x 7'19" H 3 x 3 x 2 m Packaged dimensions: 87" W x 22.05" D x 7.10" H 221 x 56 x 18 cm Pergola Tip: This Pergola is designed to be a stylish sunshade. You must see our affordable product lines to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of our work! Each pergola features a weather and fade resistant coating tha t is built to withstand the elements. The driver will take your skid to the back of the truck, place it on the liftgate, lower it to the ground and place it next to the truck. CONTACT US : (+86) 21 61182468 | [email protected], Buy Pergola Kits for sale online through Pergola Depot We build quality, affordable, customizable, DIY, freestanding, attached, pressure treated pine, rough sawn cedar, and custom wood pergolas. This pergola is the right size if you are looking to cover a small sitting area with 2 outdoor chairs. This includes a shipping charge. Provide us the Outside to Outside Post Dimensions. This size typically refers to the size of the rafters that go along the top of the pergola. It really is that simple. If you are concerned, contact the carrier terminal to make sure they are on schedule. Call our Customer Support Line @ 1-888-658-1658. Our custom pergolas are available in cedar, yellow pine, or maintenance-free vinyl. 8. If you want to proceed, we request a 50% down payment before we schedule the unit into our production with the balance due when we provide you with a shipping tracking number. Assembled dimensions: 10' W x 10' D x 7'19" H 3 x 3 x 2 m Packaged dimensions: 87" W x 22.05" D x 7.10" H 221 x 56 x 18 cm Pergola Tip: This Pergola is designed to be a stylish sunshade. 3. Read our pergola size guide to find the right pergola size for your home — and to start shopping today. 5. Move vehicles if necessary. L x 210 in. The total cost for a vinyl pergola is typically $3,800 to $9,500 depending on the size. 1. In areas of high winds, please check with your local building authority to confirm suitability. Different surfaces will require different styles of post mounts. All of our cedar pergolas create a wonderfully defined space for your outdoor living enjoyment. Our cedar Pergolas also integrate well with your garden – many of our pergola owners like to grow vine plants and flowers on their pergola to add to their already impressive look and style. The posts are recommended to be about 1 foot and 6 inches in from the end of the rafters. 5. With these larger sizes, you can cover your entire backyard patio or create a comfortable spot next to a pool or lake. 9393 287th Street, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada V2W 1L1. Can be easily clean with mild soap and water. 4. Pergola posts can be built from brick, concrete, stone or timber. from corner of wood post to corner of wood post. After holes are dug and cleaned, place the 4x4 9x9cm wood post. 6. Make sure your delivery location is easily accessible to the truck and driver. 344.2 cm 10 36 1 2 3 3 12 x 12 Flat Top Louvered Pergola 7 Overhead View 191 5/8 in 486.7 cm. Your overall … L x 5-1/2 in. Color: Browns / Tans. 2. Our 10×10 pergola is the standard size for a smaller backyard or patio.

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