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Thanks for visiting anyway! AVEYIME-BATTOR, ANGLOGA AVEME BEME Remember, zip code, postal code, or postcode is the same thing here in Saudi Arabia. Contact Us. LEKLEBI DAFOR THE extended ZIP code of 5 digits is separated by a hyphen and four additional digits for a more precise Saudi National Address location. It is also 5 digits here in Saudi Arabia, but here if we want to see for PO Box, then the first two digits are for postal zone & the other three for delivery point. Box system. Let say we have a Postal code of Turaif that is 75311; Here, the First digit represents the Major Area (you can see in the above picture it is in Northern, Jawf Area), then next is for Sector, then Branch, Section, and Block. Volta Regional Educational Office located in Ho, Ghana. The ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan, and the Postal code is the same thing. GYINGYISO BUEM The official way to find exact postal code is by visiting the National Address website: Iqama validity is one of the major concerns of an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. Information on Volta Region Zip Code Directory. Also, we use here P.O. AVEME DANYIGBA The purpose of this system was to make it more precise. 2nd floor We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to LIKPE KUKURANTUMI Myintawthar Street, (5) Ward, No(30), Lanmadaw Street, Northern Myo Ma, (1) Ward, No(143), Thumingalar Street, Kyaik Ka San West Ward, Corner of Thanthumar Street and Seinpanmyaing Street,(25) Ward. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This system was further improved with the increase in population around the world. For Turaif, here is 75311 & it can be 75324 as this represents the Postal Service area. NEW AYOMA ALAKPLE Postal Code for Al Nesr Agency – Woroud is 12252 – 3545. Hohoe 03627. NSUTA BUEM POASE CEMENT, KETE-KRACHI BANDA BOWIESO Postal Code for Al Barid Al Tayar Agency – Batha is 12632 – 8492. You will also get to know the Ghana Post Office contact address, e-mail address, website, telephone number and lots more. ANYAKO TADZEWU, SOGAKOPE TEFLE The Zip Code or Postal Code of ALQatif. So it depends on where in Lebanon your letter is addressed. SROGBE LOGBA ALAKPETI Postcodes are not only crucial for the delivery of mail and packages but also necessary for the registration of many services. BODADA Mount Lebanon 2 Mount Lebanon 1 This makes the postal services much easier in the kingdom now as it contains everything that is required like; Actually, when I arrived in Turaif and it was tough for me to find my postal code. Postal Codes in Lebanon consist of 4 numbers,also consist of 8 numbers. Follows this links of all post offices in Lebanon, their address and their postal code. 526 bina Street. BRENWANIASE BAIKA As the business evolved worldwide, mailing increased, and consequently, to track a mail becomes a cumbersome task. Phone: +233 (0)302 668 138 Whatsapp: +233 542 527 004 +233 0502 630 643. ATIAVI ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Yes, Saudi Arabia is a big country with a lot of population and hence Zip or Postal Code is necessary to manage mailing system. DZOLU BUEM MEPE The Postal Code mentioned here may vary. BAGLO In this article, we will be showing you the Ghana Post Office contact details in Volta, Ghana. Box system. TSYOME, GOLOKWATI KOLOENU That’s why you are reading this, and I hope it will help you any other days if not today. Same to other Gulf countries Qatar also issues an ID to its residents. Ghana Post also provides both domestic and international remittance services as well as act as agents for mobile money and other financial services. Sometimes when you are either filling a form, online or offline you will be required to fill in your zip code/ postal codes. The first four digits represent the region or postal zone,the last four digits represent the building. July 6, 2020 Ghana. There are a total of 8 regions that are divided as per administration. A postal code (known in various countries as a post code , postcode , or ZIP code ) is a series of and/or digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.Postal codes are codes designating the areas that each post office serves. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You have entered an incorrect email address! The heaviest fine is for drifting that is 20,000 for the first time, 40,000 SAR for second and 60,000 SAR for the third violation. The below map shows how it is done in the case of Saudi Arabia; This numbering is also helpful when defining the dialing codes and banking system. TEGBE February 5, 2014 Benin Postal Codes. KUDJE You cannot get from this list some areas but can manage after watching the above video. FODOME XELU TODOME GUAMAN On July 1, 1963, the USPS (United States Postal Service) came up with a solution and introduced the ZIP or Postal code system. The same way you can find others, as I have explained in the video, if you need to. Read More: What is an Iqama in Saudi Arabia? For example, the Postal code of Turaif is 75311 – 8538. Ho 03620. Also, we use here P.O. Botwswana doesn’t use any post codes or zip codes. {"@context":"","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":[{"@type":"Question","name":"What is the postal code of Saudi Arabia? South Lebanon Digital Address: GA-183-8164, Phone: +233 (0)302 668 138 We use here a five-digit code like Postal code Riyadh is 11564. Address: G. P. O., Asafoatse Nettey Road, Accra, Central, Ghana Digital Address: GA-183-8164 Website: Follows this links of all post offices in Lebanon, their address and their postal code. Ghana Post Office Contact Details in Volta Region ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"If you cannot find the code from my list, then better you watch the video & find the exact one. Postal Code for Al Motawar Agency – Solaiey is 14263 – 2333. Ghana Post provides Courier service through its Express Mail Service (EMS); which is a postal express service for documents and merchandise within Ghana; and from Ghana to other countries. If you want more information, please visit Myanmar Post website, Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook on Google+, MANDALAY REGION POST CODES AND POST OFFICE INFORMATION, NAWPYIDAW POSTAL CODES AND POST OFFICE INFORMATION, NAYPYIDAW POSTAL CODE AND POST OFFICE LIST, MANDALAY REGION POSTAL CODE AND POST OFFICE LIST, MYANMAR SONG – ThaDiYaTal(Big Bag)_သတိရတယ်(Big Bag), MYANMAR SONG – My Unknowns(Big Bag)_ကျွန်တော်မသိခြင်းများ(Big Bag), No (189), Corner of Lower Kyeemyindine Street and Thittaw Street, No (69), Corner of Kabaraye Pagoda Street and Shwegonedaing Street, Yuzana Tower Ground Floor, No (157), Corner of Maharbandula Street and Botahtaung Pagoda Street, (5) Ward, No (123), Uwisarra Street, Eastern Ward of Pyay Road, Dagon University Compound, In front of University Hospital, No (90), Beside Bago River Street, (91) Ward, Kyaukpahtoe (5) Street, Industrial Zone (3), (64) Ward, Bayintnaung Road, Agriculture Livestock Ward, Yangon-Mandalay No (2) Road, University of Economic compound, No (10), Yamonena Road, Ya Mone Na (2) Ward, In front of Tharaphi Hostel, Middle Gate Bus Station Street, Hlaing University Compound, No (582/583), Corner of Kyansitthar Street and Pathein - Nyaungtone Street, (8) Ward, Building (3), Ground Floor, Nyaungtone Road, Central Institute of Civil Service Compound, Beside Yangon-Bago Road, Zayatlwin Village Tract, Tha Yet Kone Village, In front of COD, Beside Yangon-Pyay Road, Tat Kyi Kone Ward, Cantonment Development of Department Compound, Pyay Road, Corner of Bayintnaung Street and Bogyoke Street, (2) Ward, Western University Compound, Building (3), Corner of Lower Mingalardon Street and Mogoke Wipatana Kyaung Street, Sin Gu Ward, No (2), Hlaing River Street, Ywar Ma East Ward, Corner of Adipati Street and University Yeikthar Street, (9) Ward, Corner of Hospital Street and Bogyoke Street, Myo Thit Ward, No (N-57), Thazin (1) Street, Center of War Ba Lout Thaught Village, No (225, 224), Bogyoke Street, Htan Taw Ward, No (39), Corner of Boaungkyaw street & Strand Road, No (818), Corner of Hledan Street and Mahar Bandula Street, Pabedan Post Office, No (465/469), Corner of Mahar Bandula Street and Bosonpat street, (9) Ward, Bayintnaung Road, Machine parts selling compound, Middle Pweyone Street, East Ward, Baho Building, Ground Floor, Swae Taw Pagoda Road,(5) Ward, Htayrawara Buddha University Compound, Kabaraye Pagoda Street, Near (8) Miles Junction, (5) Ward, BOC Street, Mingalardon Market Ward, Military Institute of Nursing and Paramedical Compound, No (647), Khaingthazin Street, Pale Myo Thit (3) Ward, No (177,179), Corner of Myanma Goneyi Street and Theinphyu Street, Kan Taw Ka Lay (East) Ward, Corner of Khaymarthi Street and Mantaing Street, Corner of Nyaungyan Street and Bagan Street, (21) Ward, No (465/469), Corner of Maharbandula Street and Bosonpat Street, (9) Ward, Theingyi Market, Building (C), Ground Floor, No (133), Upper Pazundaung Street, Kyee Taw Ward, No(118), Corner of Sanchaung Street and Thukhamain Street, Yangon General Post Office, No (39), Corner of Boaungkyaw Street & Strand Road, Corner of Thitsar Street and Thumingalar Street, (9) Ward, No(159), Pyay-Yangon Street, Ah Naw Yahta Ward, No (56/A), Awaiyar Street, Myitar Nyunt Ward, No(101), Banyardala Street, Bo Cho (2) Ward, Kampong (86).

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