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Larger than the first helicopter we reviewed, it’s made from a sturdy alloy which is purposefully chosen as it prolongs the lifespan of your helicopter. It’s definitely worth a closer inspection and may well be the best RC helicopter for you. Our most popular channel is the Gyro 3.5 Channel that gives you the extra stability while flying or hovering. We’re not entirely sure the local fire department will come out to rescue that. It has fast brushless engines, self-leveling property, sway safe primary cutting edges, and fiber-filled plastic structure that makes it tough and sufficiently able to deal with or even forestall an accident. It’s a great entry-level option because of its easy control and precise flight that will ensure you master the tricks of remote control flight with simplicity. Fully assembled for immediate flight, the Blade 230 RTF RC Helicopter is the best RC helicopter for those who know their stuff along with anyone looking to take the next step up in their hobby. 2-3 channel RC helicopters are not overwhelming or complicated to fly, so they are great for beginner pilots. It also has 2.4Ghz Frequency Technology, allowing multiple users to fly at the same time. RC Channels Simply speaking, the more channels the RC helicopter has, the more control options you will have! Here you can find RC vehicles that are safe and simple enough to operate for wee lil' youngins, all the way to complicated and fast RC vehicles meant for adults. As for performance in the air, a decent transmitter is crucial, as is the ability to fly in a variety of conditions. All helicopters will fly indoors, but it’s when you get outdoors that problems begin, as if the motor isn’t powerful enough (and the helicopter is too light), you’ll struggle to battle against the wind and a strong gust can quickly throw you off course. Features auto stable and precision speed for controlled flying, 2 selectable frequencies allow for 2 helicopters to been operated simultaneously, 3-channel infrared remote control allows for multi-directional flying, Durably constructed from unique material designed to withstand crashes. What You Need to Know Before Flying Your Drone. Learning CenterHave any questions? The  VATOS RC Helicopter is a lightweight option available at a great price while still providing the high-performance of more expensive and more advanced models. Never fear, the Hobbytron Learning Center is here to answer all your questions! This isn’t ideal, but again, you’ll find this is a common theme with all RC helicopters. On rainy days, you get to break out the best family board games or take the afternoon (and maybe longer) building challenging but rewarding Marvel Lego sets. In terms of other useful safety features, it’s also equipped with low-voltage and a reverse protection function, which are much better for the inner workings of your RC helicopter. The panic button returns it to a stable and level flight with a single press, preventing a loss of signal and keeping everything in the air. They can help with any questions you may have. We carry a huge variety, all ready to be shipped. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, though, and it will be down to your preference. It’s also fitted with 3 channels that allow for forward and backward, left and right as well as up and down movements. As for the charge time, you’ll find the helicopters charge anywhere between 20 minutes and 40 minutes. Like all Syma products, it delivers an excellent and stable flight for assured comfort and the precise handling is perfect for beginners. Call our Customer Service Team at 818-675-9000. Fully assembled for immediate flight, the Blade 230 RTF RC Helicopter is the best RC helicopter for those who know their stuff along with anyone looking to take the next step up in their hobby. This gives you a literal birds-eye view. To ensure we made a selection that could appeal to all, we found a wide range of prices so whether you’re buying your 1st RC helicopter or your 101st, you will find something that will suit your needs. Before you make your final decision about which is the best RC helicopter for you and your household or friends, make sure you consider these key features that could sway your choice to something more suitable. *Call our Customer Service at 818-675-9000 if you find a lower price on any of our items and we will match it. Range - A large transmission range will give you more freedom with your helicopter and allow you to soar higher and travel further. It still uses a traditional remote control but has a clip to hold your phone so you can see the live feed right in front of you. There are 2 available frequencies, and the gyro helps you move in a variety of directions for maximum maneuverability. This doesn’t mean more experienced pilots can’t get some joy from it, though, and it works great as a practice set, too. The controller itself is as little bulky, too, so while it’s suitable for children younger kids may not grip it as securely as they’d like. With these frequencies, you can also fly up to 3 helicopters at once to master your skills and show off to everyone who’ll care to watch. There’s little you can do about that, though, so instead of complaining about it, consider where you; ’ll fly your helicopter and what you aim to achieve with it. Only one coupon code per order. Not all RC vehicles are toys meant for little children. Being a premium pick, it’s expensive, but that’s not really a con. The DEERC DE51 RC Helicopter is a small model perfect for flying indoors and is as easy to use for beginners as it … To ensure we got our selection of the best RC helicopters spot on, we needed to think about these 2 essential factors. We hope you never need to use them, but it’s better to be safe and prepared. Excellent visibility will help you keep a close eye on your chopper to ensure it stays in range while also preventing it from getting caught against lampshades or stuck in trees. Number of Channels - The number of channels affects the directions you can move in. Even if you’ve been flying helis for years, it’s likely you’ll come back to the Syma repeatedly. Features 3 channels and 2 frequencies to fly two helicopters in all directions, Upgraded durable metal frame for advanced impact collision, Ideal for flying in night conditions thanks to colorful flashing light, Small in size so quick and agile in the air, Precision control thanks to upgraded gyro system. The brushed motor operation is durable and means less maintenance with longer lasting performance, while the metal frame protects it from most crashes and collisions. Also, if you did want to advance to flying two helicopters at once, you can do that thanks to the fact that this Syma helicopter features 2 selectable frequencies. The Cheerwing S107 Phantom mini RC helicopter is fitted with an advanced Gyroscope system that delivers superb precision and control. You can’t spend the whole year cooped up inside, though, and getting out and enjoying the sunshine with the best RC helicopters sounds to us like a sweet way to spend the summer. It has a camera integrated into the design of the helicopter, which sends a live video feed straight to your smartphone. 2 CH (144) 2.5 CH (7) 3 CH (126) Your mini helicopter is actually charged directly via AA batteries, so it’s easy to maintain and ensures that you are always ready for your next flying adventure.

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