romans 12:21 meaning

While it was considered foolishness to the ancient world (1 Cor 1:23), followers of Jesus are called to weaponized love and goodness. No, the church wasn"t intended to be the "hit squad" for God. (1) In reference to truth and error. It is not like the winter sun that gives little heat, but like the sun in his strength, that warms and works effectually upon the rest of the creatures. He that knows God best, loves and resembles him most. His was the spirit of inspiration to positive action. 1896. Viewed in relation to God, and in our own absolute insignificance, we have little reason to be wise or important in our own conceits. "Commentary on Romans 12:21". Blackwall, after having praised the language in which this precept is delivered, adds, “This is a noble strain of Christian courage, prudence, and goodness, that nothing in Epictetus, Plutarch, or Antonine, can vie with. Paul has now in this chapter organized the unity of his Roman Church, with faith in Christ for its basis, and love for its central and vital principle. Our answer would be that in this twelfth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans you have a catalogue of Christian virtues, and amongst them is given one virtue which, I imagine, does not find a place even in the catalogue of the virtues of the world. Desire is that quality in us men which corresponds to gravitation in the physical bodies, which, while all is well with us, keeps us moving around our true centre, the Being of beings—God. We are not at liberty in our struggle against evil to speak falsehood about or slander people, or to bomb abortion clinics, or execute sinners. And by what means did he propose to save us? "George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary". ‘Do not become overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’. BibliographyNicoll, William R. "Commentary on Romans 12:21". Sometimes it has been said that Christianity is deficient in what are called the masculine virtues. Conquer your enemies by kindness and patience. One of the most beautiful exhibitions of the character of our Savior was afforded by his conduct under persecution. Even under the restraint of wholesome laws there are so many quarrels generated, and so many resentments harboured, that there is scarcely a society or a family in which real harmony prevails. It is our duty to abhor it; yet it is also our duty, and within our power, to overcome it. "Commentary on Romans 12:21". Such a victory as that is greater than the most successful warrior could ever boast: and we should aim at similar conquests: we should strive, not to crush our enemy by force, but to overcome his enmity by love.]. If the child of God should retaliate in kind for all acts of enmity against himself, he would shortly find himself engaging in all kinds of shameful and wicked conduct. Were this once effected, there is not an evil in the soul which would not have received its death wound: for “love is the fulfilling of the law.”], [To what an extent has our blessed Lord carried this principle! A wrong estimate of ourselves is a fruitful source of evil. This is the only answer. Be not overcome by the malice of thy enemy, so as to wish to revenge thyself, without leaving all to the just judgment of God; but overcome his malice by thy kindness. Clearly, the end doesn"t justify the means. Romans 13:3-4, with which there is a charming connection. https: "Commentary on Romans 12:21". ‘Men whose minds can withstand argument, and whose hearts rebel against threats, are not proof against the persuasive influence of unfeigned love; there is, therefore, no more important collateral reason for being good, than that it increases our power to do good.’ (Hodge.). 21. BibliographySchaff, Philip. When we dwell in our thoughts too much, too often, and too long, upon the injuries and unkindnesses we have met with. https:

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