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Around 9:30 a.m. Monday, scores of travelers, including three charter buses full of middle school students, were led west after being stranded overnight in Skykomish by the snow and fallen trees, Axtman said. It reads in part:  “A fresh snowfall also brings a subtle change to the music of the woods . The winter of 1968-1969 in the Puget Sound area was amazing not just for the snow, but for the bitter cold. They had last been treated around 3 p.m., according to the agency. A hard freeze overnight, however, means the chance for black ice and slick roads will remain for early Tuesday commuters, especially on the northern end of the Puget Sound region. Avoid going down hills unless your car has chains or is otherwise equipped to handle that situation. Last year, a strong blocking ridge of air, parked off our coast and stretching up to Alaska, prevented warmer air off the Pacific Ocean from reaching land, said Mike McFarland, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle. Seattle Times Project Homeless reporter Sydney Brownstone contributed to this report. Temperatures also often hover just near freezing so that the snow melts and then freezes overnight, making roads slick, icy and dangerous. Temperatures should start warming up Thursday and should approach the 40s Friday. Who’s responsible for clearing that snow and ice off the sidewalks? 1968-69 PENULTIMATE BIG ONE, POLITICS, MORE SNOWBALLS. A good example is the description that accompanies Seattle Times’ photographer Josef Scaylea’s snowscape on the cover of the Northwest Pictorial for Nov. 24, 1963. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. If you're from an area that routinely gets more snow than we do, you might be taken aback by the locals who get excited that it's snowing...when there may only be a few flakes. When Seattle does get snow, the city tends to shut down (or at least operate at low capacity) even more than cities that get far more inches of snow. Seattle Camera Club member Horace Sykes has written on his slide, “One foot fell at this time.” While it may be said to have first hit Seattle on the last day of 1968, snow repeatedly jabbed through January. Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) crews treated the bridge with salt and sand Monday night. I was drafted on Jan. 9th 1969 & spent the next 8 weeks training for Vietnam in 2 to 3 feet of snow at Fort Lewis. By the end of January I remember the snow being nearly 3 feet deep. There was too much rain. Street Department employees and police rushed and stumbled to barricade steeper streets before drivers could try them. Westbound lanes of the Highway 520 floating bridge closed for about four hours Monday evening after about 30 cars crashed on the slippery roadway. It appeared as historical filler on the afternoon of one of the several December snows of 1964. One chief reason behind this is that Seattle, Tacoma and other Puget Sound cities are filled with hills. The pass first closed at about 2:40 p.m. Sunday between milepost 58 near the town of Scenic and milepost 84 near Leavenworth. “Our primary focus is outreach, outreach, outreach,” Lemke said. Despite the low average snowfall each year, be warned. State troopers estimated that at least one of every three vehicles “fishtailed” against the guardrail. An unannounced snow that begins to fall during a work day may make mayhem on city streets as workers leave early but still too late. While it may be said to have first hit Seattle on the last day of 1968, snow repeatedly jabbed through January. Not every Seattle road is cleared when it snows: Narrow roads, steep roads and roads with speed bumps or roundabouts won’t get any attention, and roads on the steepest hills will stay closed as long as it’s unsafe to drive on them, Bergerson said Sunday. The snow shut down Stevens Pass, leaving some travelers stranded overnight, and fallen trees closed some roads in eastern King County. If you're heading east, you have a few choices to get over the Cascades, but make sure you check the road conditions before you go. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. “That pattern was locked in for a long time,” he said. He said maintenance crews did begin to plow but then found that traction was worse on the ice that the snow-removal crews uncovered. Duvall had about 9 inches of snow early Monday morning — the most reported — but very little snow was recorded at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and about 2 inches was recorded at the weather service station near the University of Washington. When traffic jams were spotted, sand trucks were sent to help unsnarl them. Story #6: Remember reading about Pompeii? In this city of sporting hills, improvised toboggans also compressed snow. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is what we are seeing between Skykomish and the summit right now. Thankfully no major injuries! It beat by one day the previous record from January 1909. We don’t have the number of vehicles and plows to plow every road,” he said. The city of Seattle has opened a severe weather shelter at Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall for people who are at least 18 years old. This winter’s only noticeable snow came unusually late on the third of March. how Seattle road crews decide which ones to clear. There’s a chance of snow in the Puget Sound region through Friday, particularly Monday and Wednesday nights. I arrived on the Fall of 1968 and, by the end of January, was convinced that the rest of the country was nuts when they described Seattle as a rainy place. If there's snow, you're often not allowed on the passes without chains and you'll need to know how to chain up. A few us then took a break from producing that week’s paper and decided to explore by foot together our snowbound city after first stopping at the Red Robin for a beer – or something. By the time drivers got in line to fishtail into guardrails, as described above, Braman was bi-partisan. Without the wind we would have dropped 1950 from the “big list” too. We were too old to throw at one another, which was good, at least for the others, because, as noted, that afternoon I rarely missed a target I was challenged to hit. Does it Snow in Seattle? Forward Thrust went after federal money for both cleaning up Lake Washington and building rapid transit through the city. That tilt you see means the trees are burdened with snow and could fall or break. More remarkably, the high temperature of 19 degrees was lower than the previous record low for that date: 21 degrees in 1927. The Weather Service described what we know is the one-two punch behind most of Puget Sound’s big snows: arctic air from Canada mixing it up with a low-pressure center moving in from the coast. Was last February’s ‘snowmaggedon’ a fluke, or can we expect more like it? And when it does, what happens? The effects of small amounts of alcohol – only one beer was allowed – on physical coordination and concentration were studied. I don’t think that we missed more than a few days of school, we did have at least one or two days taken from our spring vacation in April. Before then, and in 1996 to 1997, the weather station was at University of Washington. Through the rest of the year and into the first week of January Seattle was washed repeatedly by alternating snowfall and rain. It fell on Thanksgiving night. Seattle Times local humorist Byron Fish described how during the 1969 dumping he got a long-distance telephone call from a friend in Nome, Alaska, who felt deeply for Fish in his plight of having to walk three blocks through the snow for groceries. Here is another picture from the scene courtesy of LT Longoria. Around 30 cars heading into Seattle were involved in multiple crashes on the Highway 520 floating bridge Monday evening, which was slippery in the below-freezing temps, according to Washington State Patrol. After completing the 18-hole round and adding up their scores, those who drank the single beer performed better on the back nine than on the first, and they also performed better than those who had no drink at all. Seattle’s UFO fantasist-opportunists were not surprised to read that earlier this day one J. The amount of accumulation across the region varies widely. Through the night of December 18-19, where a tunnel opens to Mercer Street off the southbound side of 1-5, drivers hit ice. With the voters’ moronic rejection, the financing went to Atlanta instead, and that was a southern strategy. What to Expect in the Winter in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Planes, Trains, And Automobiles: How to Travel from Los Angeles to Seattle. On January 24, another “homie” – John Reddin, the often nostalgic Seattle Times columnist – complained, “This has to be some of Seattle’s worst weather. In the morning, eight city snowplows and additional rented graders joined the resistance, concentrating on the city’s then 380 miles of arterial streets. Municipal buses were pulled over and outfitted with chains. Driving in the snow can be a Northwest nightmare. The favorite targets were city buses whose windows were easily penetrated by snowballs packed with nasty rock nuclei. That voters rejected the latter when asked to raise only 25 percent of the total bill was a great disappointment to Braman, whose ideology by then was more about progress than parsimony.

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