sentry vs thanos

@krleavenger: Dude. Top feats for each character, particularly if we lean toward the Void, places them in the WTF? To start viewing messages, You create a Death, and then if you die, then the person you made as your Death becomes the next Apocalypse. I haven't read most his run with Thanos. class. Yeah, but if you... man, we're getting into weird analogy territory, like if you disintegrated Superman's arms he wouldn't be able to go "fool! OT, but how powerful is Darkhawk, anyways? Followers. Well, except if PIS is involved. Post Molecule Man, the only limit to Sentry is Sentry. I didn't put jack in your mouth either, cool down. User Lists: 0 #1 Edited By MasterSkywalker. @cull_obsidian: The fact that Bendis wrote it makes me think it's more like WIS than a retcon. If he doesn't want to go to bed, there's no way you (or Thanos) can make him. On the other hand, so did Morgan La Fey and look what good that did. The Galactus engine stayed dead, the defenders stayed dead, and many other beings stayed dead. This means that Sentry can keep up the fight long after Superman has exhausted himself. Just that prepared. There's so much more potential there for this guy who's dealing with real and sad mental illness, and to put him in this situation, and to put him against Thor in the way that I have, it became way too cool not to do it. Can go either way vs DS Sentry, but Thanos wins the majority IMO. I'm under the impression that the special connection/Death's avatar business is concluded and finished. The more I got into in what I could do with Ares, the more I realized, Ares is super-cool, and Ares as war — this was before the idea of turning them all into deaths, when I was still just considering the Four Horsemen — made a lot of sense, obviously, but it didn't interest me as much. I don't see why he won't be able to kill Death Seed Sentry. Starts off with REgular sentry no death seed, sentry can resurrect himself 3 times takes place on an un populated earth. However, if i am wrong about that and Thanos in fact still roll around as Death's avatar, i am 100 % with you and i withdraw my previous opinion. Also I've never said he "killed them the hardest" or "made them superduperdead" so don't put words in my mouth. Sentry vs. Thanos 114 results; 1; 2; 3; MasterSkywalker. The power-set and the mental stability remains the same. "If you want to take down Thor, resurrecting the Sentry and planting a Death Seed in him to make him even more powerful is a pretty good way to do that.". I could argue that Thanos can put him down, but I don't think I'll be 100% objective. check out the FAQ by clicking the Death Seed Sentry is even more of that. I'm under the impression that the special connection/Death's avatar business is concluded and finished.

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