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You can literally call me by anything, and I’d be cool with that! Reblog. I hope I can help them out! Thanks... Mercury is trying out a few different pronouns, and I hope I can help it out! undertale’s major twist at the end is finding out that the character you named isnt the character youre playing as and is their own person, while the defining moment of deltarune is the character literally ripping out the soul youre controlling them with and throwing it in a cage where you can briefly move it around establishing that you are an entity separate then them. Photo. Before complaining that these are “fake” or “made up”: no pronouns (uses name instead, sometimes called ‘Pro-drop’/‘pronoun drop’), number pronouns (any one or two digit number in a form like so: 5 /5is / 5er / 5self ), et / ets / etself (note: used in a similar way to ‘it’ pronouns), kit / kits / kitself (note: used in the same way once would use “it” pronouns), zij / ze / zijn / zichzelf (Danish neutral). please I need to know how to refer to you... What are your pronouns? he or they pronouns plz < > Most recent. And can you tag @merc-minus-a-moon in the post so I’m notified? [Banner transcription: “This is an educational post! I hope xe has a good day! Me too, that’s awesome! p.s. Cat likes space, which is pretty cool. One of their cats is even pregnant! there’s also a film where Godzilla lays an egg and has a child! 4,678 notes. and yes the caption is in hot pink bc i like hot pink. They also play the ukelele and sing (okay we are not alike in those aspects lol). sai/sail/sails/sailself. Godzilla is a big laser shooting radioactive lizard, if Godzilla is a lesbian to you? Later, star went to the store to get everything star needed for starself. Fae/faer pronouns are the most commonly used noun-self pronoun to my knowledge. *transphobes / enby-haters please kindly make your own posts if you’re mad about it. Audio. the link takes you to the permalink page. I swim a lot. Yepp, those are the main points! Mercury messaged its friends, and it shared some funny memes with them. Text. shout out to my he/theys and she/theys!!! Pronouns List • 2020 edit: This page is outdated! There’s only ever one way that ends, and it’s always with a girl stuffed into a box. oh how cool! Somebody pack a crowbar and a spare set of women’s clothing. but Godzilla can be whatever you think they can be! except me i use she/her! They went to dinner with me youre all so valid!! Text. Olive loves Taylor Swift and John Mulaney, which makes sense given their url! Also they have a dog named Millie! If not? I would love to go swimming with them some time. all my homies love he/theys and she/theys, contrary to popular belief, people who use they/them pronouns DO notice when you avoid using our pronouns by just using our names lol, “they” (1 word) is shorter than “he or she” (3 words), “themself” flows more naturally than “him or herself”, it’s time to replace the awkward “she or he”, Totally not-shady NPC: I’ll need you to retrieve my secret cargo from the abandoned spaceship, but it’s very private, so don’t look inside–. Amandla identifies as nonbinary, which means they don't identify as … nonbinary non-binary gender transgender pronouns. i rly appreciate that taliesin was like “oh cool i didnt know the name but now i do”.. i just think thats neat. Kay is trying out a few different pronouns, and I hope I can help her out with that. Filter by post type. thank youuuuu *slides back out with finger guns*. Sorry if I'm bothering you. Follow. Filter by post type. the link takes you to the permalink page. I'm testing them out! dwarves: how do u know, when they can’t yet decide or speak to tell you…, Adora learns about object permanence and Catra has to come and save baby Finn because her wife is an idiot, [ID: A version of the seagull meme. About one in five Americans say they personally know someone who prefers a gender-neutral pronoun like “they” rather than he/she, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in fall 2018. I like the show sherlock, my favourite colours rn are yellow and green, I enjoy drawing, and I love the rain. Aukai uses ae/aer pronouns. They also like drawing “shitty” art, but I bet their art is good actually. youre all so valid!! I hope this isn’t bad I just wanted to say that any hc of Godzilla is fine at least for me! I like hanging with friends and drawing and im currently drowning in homework . Player: This is a sci-fi story, and there’s a box you don’t want us to look into. I totally love your blog, it's such a beautiful space n idea!! It is now archived, but you can visit to access answers to common questions. Hey, its Felony again! good to know! Thanks. In the next panel, the seagull leans forward and screams “please get it right”. I believe all of the other actors use the same pronouns as their character, but if I’m wrong about that, please correct me! Romeo is trying out a few different pronouns, and I hope I can help her out with that! Quote. Don’t assume two pronoun types are conjugated the same way just because they are in another pronoun set; For example, the possessive adjective and possessive pronoun in he/him/his are both “his,” but in fae/faer, they are not the same, similar to other sets like she/her and they/them; That’s all! Newt also likes mythology! You’re everything! They also have a corn snake named Cleo! Ce likes the show Sherlock. shi/ship/ships/shipself. Just be a polite, kind and decent human being. Keep in mind that your Twitter/Tumblr/whatever dedicated to posting this content most likely breaks the site's rules, and you can be reported and potentially banned. Newt likes the ocean. I wish her luck! i forgot steven was in the fusion gotta.. change pronouns.. reaal fast, yes i use they/them pronouns for mothman because i'm agender and i said so, dwarves and elves bond over suffering Men’s conception of gender, khuzdul has they them pronouns and its the only secret they are begging Men to take, the second noelle gave us a 'canon' catradora kid i had to draw them, PS FINN IS NB AND USES THEY/THEM AS CONFIRMED BY NOELLE, i will aggressively correct anyone who does not use proper pronouns, oh also pronouns note in case anyone is wondering--all of my human! Godzilla has always been male in my mind due to aforementioned translations. and i love that so much i just feel like he wouldn’t be an asshole to me which is a constant fear of mine as someone with Discourse Identities y’know, yea for sure :’’) honestly from what ive found, a lot of the nice older (not Old, just like.. middle aged and up) queers are much more open to these things than you might think. Link. Illustration: nadia_bormotova . i like indie music and marine biology! pronouns lgbtq genderfluid hell yeah we did it lobsters!! Gender pronouns (he/she/they/ze etc.) They like to swim as well. I wonder what faer favorite thing about space is. this post is blacklisted because it contains slurs and is not fully visible on the index page. then she’s a lesbian! … Sea themed pronouns. We need to go get this girl out of her box. I enjoyed that show. Felony also loves the rain. that was so many young people getting sucked into it, even my little sister did for a bit.. thank gods thats over now. 1 note. hey,,, my name's Charlie, I'm nonbinary and I use they/them pronouns, but I don't get to hear my correct name/pronouns very often (especially at home). im a nonhuman alter in a system and im merfolk! It could just be a cigar box. Just want to see someone use your correct name and pronouns for once? Good question. dual wielding/multi-weilding pronouns is so cool of us. It's where your interests connect you with your people. It would mean a lot if ppl could reblog! Added a couple more designs to my redbubble! Asking is the polite thing to do, and a display of your respect! Godzilla throughout most of the films has been presented with non gendered terms in its original Japanese script, when translated in English the translators changed the dialogue in ref to Godzilla to be more masculine, Godzilla in recent films (esp made in the West) have he/him pronouns in the dialogue. Hey im trying out a bew name!! Chat. of my sanders sides human AU! But I would love to draw with them some time. I am glad Charlie likes my blog and I hope they have a good day. It also likes writing and poetry. When people put ‘she/her’ it generally means that they are signalling their pronoun preference. Drawing is so cool, and I would love to see their work some time. (Insert same hat meme but it says same name).

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