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“I think it’ll rain tonight.” “I’m sure he’ll be a successful lawyer one day.”. Will - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary When you’re talking about the future, “will” is a very common and simple way of describing what you anticipate or plan to happen. For mornings and days at home, she'll love the Fluff Scuff slipper. These are some other ways we can use “will” in English. For example, “She will be catching the later train, but I will travel afterwards.” In this case, the word is actually a modal verb – and follows the same rules as other modals. He also appears uninvited in your library at will. I'm sure some trusting farm folk will leave a door unlocked or a window open for my pleasure, for my endless possibilities. I'm offering you full funding for your endeavor; secure operating quarters, any place of your choice, sizeable salaries for all of you involved and a gift of stock to each that will assure a lifetime income from dividends. You will have access to any equipment you need from any realm. It will do you good to get away from Bird Song for a while. He didn't have time for this, but he still couldn't find the will to leave her. author!" He's planning something big for the weekend, and it sounds like his pop will be in town for it. With Bird Song being full, much as I'd like to get to know Miss Annie a little better, she'll have to wait in line. (strong, great, iron) " It was his pure will to survive out in the snow. Will you take your place in my bed as my mate? I'm sure the company will be better, too. Once your baby girl is able to sit up, she'll still enjoy looking at her activity gym, only now she'll be able to reach for it, too! Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Just don't be lulled into believing you understand this sign because she'll burst free of your mold and shape shift into someone completely different. You can also contract the negative form. You'll continue to receive dividends for the stock in your names so there will be sufficient funds for you all to move on. Get the latest chatter, from Kensington Palace and beyond, straight to your inbox. he asked. When she sees your example of hanging out with the guys or playing sports, she'll be more likely to call up her girlfriends and get in the time she needs to stay connected to them and her own interests. All Rights Reserved So – just like other modal verbs such as “can” and “may”, using “will” as a modal verb means you need to do the following: -       always use the verb with another verb in the base form, -       never change, even when using the third person form (he, she or it), -       do not use with the verb “do”, in questions or negatives. might example sentences. "I will only drink from you," he said slowly, clearly. 2. Tina delivers an ultimatum - tell Ruby or she'll leave him. Whatever style of a child's locket you decide to buy for the little girl in your life, it's certain to become a prized and cherished piece of jewelry that she'll enjoy wearing. "Neither of you will go anywhere," Ving said firmly. Will you buy it, my dear? All a woman has to do is try on a pair and she'll immediately experience for herself how amazingly comfortable they are. I can't imagine that will go well for her. Molly will find out, someone, this monster that's killing all these people; he'll find someone and force them tell. Is this something I think she'll want to wear or is it just something I want her to wear? Anyone who raises a hand to my mate also raises a hand to me and will be dealt with accordingly. Maybe if you let her know the Vermont abduction was a non-event it will help decide. How long will you be coaching in my territory? We will show Europe how Russia rises to the defense of Russia! We're close enough, and our camp sight will give us a little protection from the coming storm. Example sentences with the word will. Glinka, the editor of the Russian Messenger, who was recognized (cries of "author! Toby's right. demanded Zeb. Although she might be a veterinarian during the day, she'll want a few fabulous evening dresses for a night on the town, and even a sundress or two for a day at the beach. Ask any petite woman and she'll probably tell you that she'd happily gain two pounds if it meant gaining two inches in height! To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. You can work together to create this doll, which she'll treasure almost as much as the memories you make sewing it. I wonder what your Gabriel will think when he finds out. Your best bet here is to discuss this possibility with your technician; she'll be able to tell you exactly what to do. Do you suppose any of these relatives Howie is trying to reach will be as candid about his early years as Reverend Humphries? Note: “will” is often abbreviated to ‘ll in spoken English: To make the question form, change the word order: “You will leave later” = “Will you leave later?”, (For more information on the grammar of modal auxiliary verbs, see our page on how to use “can”.). For a habit that is a predictable behaviour. Darkyn will know what it is the minute he sees it. Maybe blubbering will make you sound more credible. He tried to say, "That's capital; of course she'll forget her childish promises and accept the offer," but before he had time to say it Natasha began again. Do you think Martha will upset Quinn enough so he won't do what you asked? Hopefully one day, she'll be able to carve out a niche in which she will be successful, whether it be personal or professional. Howie will devastated but he'll probably take Julie's side and forgive her. For example, “I think the election will have a shocking result.”. You will find much of your power diminished, especially among those who used to bow to you. It looks like he's moving east and maybe will drop down in the states in New York or New England. Use your fingers to feed your date the couscous with duck and she'll never forget the experience. Going that way will put us further away from Ashley, but it will give us two advantages. She swears she'll never have his child so she took off. Once she is well, however, she'll still expect the same treatment. She rises above this by singing that these people will get theirs eventually, and that she hopes she'll be around to see it when it happens. Maybe sometime she'll feel comfortable with having a hired hand around - or maybe she'll get married again. He always does that. This year, try something new -- shop early for an Easter dress for your little princess so that you can be sure she'll look as prim and proper or as cute and fun as you like. "No. Any deal I make will be sealed by Death's magic. Eventually, around week five, your cat's appetite will increase and she'll begin to expand around the waistline. She uses a lot of vintage fabrics and trim, which makes her dresses unique - and she'll step that up further and do a custom design if you like. All we have to do is find out who this female is and she'll lead us right to the both of them! Ad Choices. But you are not. You do not use “not” after the additional verb. I said a creature who has never known peace will surrender unconditionally when he tastes it for the first time. "You will be able to use some of my magic," he said, following her gaze. Rule three: you will eat three square meals a day and sleep every night with me, because you couldn't take care of yourself if you tried. I don't care how frightening it will be, I want to go ahead. No, it's no one my family knew but I think the change will be good for me. "The door will be locked while I'm out," he told her. Sworn assurances you or your people will not pursue our identity in any way and you'll do all in your power to protect our anonymity. he, she, it), It is always combined with another verb in the base form (i.e. Hi! Since WILL is classified as a modal verb (like can, would, could, should) it has the same characteristics: We use WILL in the following circumstances: 1. He or she will pay, you Psychic Tipster, whoever you are! You know Past-Death will stop at nothing to get what she wants, Darkyn said. There are the people who hope the future will be better. Both she and Giannulli have been ordered to surrender to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons before 2 p.m. on November 19. The chances are slim that what you want will happen. Denise's husband, Major Frank Sherwood, is about to be deployed, meaning she'll have to deal with their son's anger-management issues alone. But I will promise you that I'll never run off and leave you stranded. “Will not” becomes “won’t” and is used in the same way. A California plate on a motor home will stick out like a sore thumb. 21. When will you be able to take me to get my car? Will you tell me if you need something to help her? We're already late getting started on account of him and the saddle bum will probably use up another half-hour of daylight eating our food. He will protect her, as is his obligation. Jewel will miss a week, but she's positive that she'll be able to catch up and put her best foot forward. When you take the time to buy something reflective of the recipient's personality, she'll be touched by the gift as well as the gesture. I'm interested in a young woman whose name will be familiar to you. "Alive or dead, their energy will feed you, daughter," her father said. I have that Women's Club debate, and with Fred starting jury duty, this place will be short-handed. Note: for “negative” predictions, make the “think” negative, not the “will”: “I don’t think it’ll rain tonight” (Not “I think it won’t rain tonight.”). Of course, she doesn't want the farm either, so she'll sell that. Finally, if this nightgown and matching robe set is meant as a gift for another, then be sure to take into account the recipient's personal style, as well as the season she'll be wearing it. In spite of my fervent hope you can continues indefinitely, I know in my heart, one day it will end. Give the Turban to Sahara when she stops by and she'll give you the Massage Chair or a Red Vase. We also use “will” to talk about what we think will happen in the future. "Never mind, my little fellows," said Mr. Lincoln "I will put you in your own cozy little bed.". It will not see me till it comes very near. Knowledge regarding correct usage of these sentences will surely improve our writing. It is always combined with another verb. Will start evacs for our skeleton crew at noon. Fans are certain she'll have no problem raising a well-adjusted celebrity baby.

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