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When I was just a little girl, living on the family farm, I remember sitting at my father’s knee listening to his tales of battles fought and won. Let's just sit tight and see if the market improves. Mr Havisham was sitting in a large chair, on one side of a table; on the other side was an even bigger chair. What does "My night was nothing to write home about" mean? However, one morning, as she was sitting in a room in the inn called the ‘Dorincourt Arms’, Mr Havisham was announced. A tall, thin old gentleman with an angular face was sitting in an armchair, facing his mother. Merriam-Webster references for Mobile, Kindle, print, and more. Lui était assis dans celui de la Reine des Neiges. to make no effort to stop something bad or unpleasant from happening, to put or get (someone) in a sitting position, to take the place of someone who is not present, to attend (something, such as a class or meeting) without officially participating, to delay dealing with or talking about (something), to make no effort to deal with or respond to something, to stay in a place and wait for (something) to end, to be in a very good or favorable situation, to go to (something) and stay until the end, to move or help (someone) to move into a sitting position, to suddenly pay attention to (someone or something), does not sit well/comfortably (etc.) sit / examples. They sat up talking until almost dawn. Il a accompli son devoir de citoyen assis sur un fauteuil roulant. spelling of sit inw . We met after the concert, as I was sitting in the first row and he in the last one. to get into a comfortable and relaxed position in a chair, seat, etc. Mais un matin, comme elle était assise dans une pièce de l’auberge des ‘Armes de Dorincourt’, M. Havisham fut annoncé. A tall, thin old gentleman with an angular face was sitting in an armchair, facing his mother. Let's just. M. Havisham était assis dans un large fauteuil, d’un côté de la table; de l’autre était un fauteuil encore plus large. sit up [phrasal verb] 1 : to stay awake until late at night. Quit slouching and sit up (straight). His skinny blond girlfriend sat beside him, tats running across her bare shoulders like grapevines, front teeth filed to tiny sharp points. some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: In another ad, a father and son sit at the breakfast table in silence. Grandmother was sitting in the sun and reading from the Bible: “Unless you become like children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of God.”, La grand-mère était assise au soleil et lisait dans la Bible: « Si vous ne devenez pas comme des enfants, vous n’entrerez pas dans le royaume de Dieu. How to use sitting in a sentence. Show me how to use But this is food, which means that it's not easy for all "irrepressible enthusiasts" to sit still and listen. C’était sa fantaisie de se montrer à ses tenanciers dans le banc seigneurial, ayant lord Fauntleroy à côté de lui. At 9:32, a hijacker, probably Jarrah, made or attempted to make the following announcement to the passengers of Flight 93:"Ladies and Gentlemen: Here the captain, please sit down keep remaining sitting. antonyms. Example #1: Don’t worry; I’ll seat you next to your father. The sit list of example sentences with sit. sitting in a sentence - 32 Lists. ». Meaning #2: To have or provide seats for. Example sentences with the sit in, a sentence example for sit in, and how to make sit in in sample sentence, how do I use the word sit inin a sentence? Nous nous sommes rencontrés après le concert, car j’étais assise au premier rang et lui au dernier. The villains in this scenario are not the anonymous fuddy-duddies who sit on the ratings board but the sanctimonious hypocrites who preside over some of the country's largest video and media chains. definitions. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Do not sit this one out.

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