superman herald of galactus

Eons ago, Galactus realized it was far more efficient to use advance scouts or “heralds” … Very little is known about how he and Galactus worked together, though Fallen One lost his position when he reveled in the destruction too much. But before he can join forces to defeat the planet eater as he wishes, a mysterious orb consumes the Man of Steel and emerges as the new Herald of Galactus. Superman travels to the Fantastic Four's earth and gives them the crystal, which unleashes Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, into the FF's equipment in the Baxter Building, but before he can join forces with the planet-eater like he desires, a mysterious orb consumes the Man of Steel, and he emerges as the new Herald of Galactus. Galactus, originally named Galan, is the oldest and one of the most powerful beings in the universe, having survived the death (big crunch) of his "first" universe and the birth (big bang) of this universe, but he is crippled by an insatiable hunger that drives him to consume the very life-energies of entire planets, destroying these worlds in the process. The first known Herald of Galactus is called Fallen One. This orb takes over Superman’s body that is pretty much powerless against it. Instead of being granted Power Cosmic, he was fueled by Dark Energy. Superman travels to the land of the Fantastic Four and gives them the crystal, which releases Hank Henshaw, the Superman Cyborg. Superman attempts to resist Galactus' will, but the Power Cosmic soon … As his new Herald, Superman is tasked with finding new planets for his master to devour and annihilate. While trying to stop Cyborg Superman from joining hands with Galactus, Superman him-self ends up succumbing to Galactus’ will and becomes his new Herald.

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