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Mesologic systems are divided into three types: logistic systems with direct connections, flexible and echeloned (Figure 21). In size, this organism can occupy the territory of a factory or a wholesaler, or it may cover a region or go beyond the state. Principle payment of money - receiving money. Types of logistics systems Logistic systems, as already noted, are divided into macro- and micrologistic. At the macro level, when the material flow passes from one enterprise to another, these enterprises, as well as the transport that connects them, can be considered as elements. Flexible logistics systems. The macro-logistics system is a large material management system covering enterprises and organizations of industry, intermediary, trade and transport organizations of various departments located in different regions of the country or in different countries. Assortment selection for the order of wholesale buyers... Grouping costs in supply logistics - Supply logistics. Inside the micrologistic system, subsystems also function. Fig. Logistics logistics. Essentially, if there are material flows, there is always some sort of commodity distribution system. This is the ability to deliver the right product at the right time, to the right place at minimal cost, and also the ability to adapt to changing conditions of the external environment (changing the demand for goods or services, unforeseen failure of technical means, etc.). In these logistic systems, the material flow passes directly from the producer of the product to its consumer, bypassing the intermediaries (Figure 21, a). 21. The relationship of the logistics system with the environment. Reliability of the supply chain (RL), Supply chain response... Planning sales and operations. It, as a rule, consists of several subsystems and has developed connections with the external environment. Compatibility is ensured by the unity of purpose, to which the functioning of each of the elements of the logistics system is subordinated. Fig. However, if at the level of macrologistics the existence of economic relations between individual enterprises is not mandatory, the mesological system ensures the flow of specific products through a chain of organizations linked by specific contracts. PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF PRODUCTION - this subsystem takes the material flow from the procurement subsystem and manages it in the process of performing various technological operations that transform the object of labor into a product of labor. These are separate units within the firm, associations or other economic system, working for a single economic outcome. Designing a logistics system for servicing consumers and firms... EOQ model with storage costs, depending on the area (volume)... Chapter 12. Mesological systems - material-conducting systems created by the combined efforts of contractors, connected by economic contracts. Identification of the boundaries of the logistics system based on the cycle of circulation of means of production. When forming a macro-logistical system covering different countries, it is necessary to overcome the difficulties associated with the legal and economic peculiarities of international economic relations, with unequal conditions for the supply of goods, differences in the transport legislation of countries, and a number of other barriers. At the micro level, the logistics system can be represented in the form of the following basic subsystems: PURCHASE is a subsystem that ensures the flow of material flow into the logistics system. When transporting large items, or large quantities of items, you’ll need to enlist one … The muscles of this organism are various technical and transport means, the central nervous system is a network of computers at the workplaces of participants in the logistical process, organized into a single information system. Schematic diagram of the micrological system. | [email protected] | © Copyright 2018 | Design With By TestMyPrep.com, Evolution of Logistics Models and Models - Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Integrative qualities of the logistics system allow it to purchase materials, pass them through its production facilities and issue it to the external environment, while achieving pre-planned goals. A macro-logical system is a certain infrastructure of the economy of a region, a country or a group of countries. We characterize the properties of logistics systems in the context of each of the four properties inherent in any system and considered in the previous paragraph. Third property (organization): the links between the elements of the logistics system are arranged in a certain way, i.e. The common definition of a logistics system is: A logistics system is an adaptive feedback system that performs certain logistical functions. Types of Logistics Logistics Fields. The purpose of the logistics system: the right product, in the right place, at the right time with minimal costs. He is able to adapt, adapt to external disturbances, respond to it at the same pace as events occur. Mechanism of consolidated planning of sales, production and... Graphic method for determining the boundaries of groups A, B... An example of the benefits of using VMI technology is Supply Chain Management. Freight Services. 18. Determining the thin breakevenness of the enterprise... Tariffs for air transportation - Transport logistics. Echeloned logistics systems. 3PL, Third Party Logistics describes businesses that provide one or many of a variety of logistics related services. Reliability, stability and dynamism of supply chains, Whip in... Rolling stock - Management of transport systems. If you don’t see the necessary subject, paper type, or topic in our list of available services and examples, don’t worry! Logistics puts and solves the problem of designing harmonious, consistent material-conducting (logistic) systems, with given parameters of material flows at the output.

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