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You can use much more than paint and a canvas to make beautiful art come to life. Unconventional Art Materials David Hockney Portraits Life Love Art - National Portrait Gallery David Hockney Portraits Life Love Art . Just look at the pictures that follow: ‘The Costume Institute’s spring 2016 exhibition explores how fashion designers are reconciling the handmade and the machine-made in the creation of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear’. We utilize these materials to tell our story and then share that story with the world. The results are nothing but stunning, extraordinary and the list goes on and on. Christina was always exposed to art and fashion. Immediately, Christina was intrigued!!!!!! Again, she didn’t pursue it though, didn’t pay attention to it since she was so brainwashed by her parents to study something she can make some money out it and have a steady job. Paint with yogurt, sugar or chocolate, use natural […] Art activities for kids : Sand paper art In her first project she did with a help of a friend a 3D design of the NYC skyscrapers which she so marvels, out of cardboard boxes she found in the store she was working,. Reporting on what you care about. Living and working there is her biggest goal. We’ve told throughout the ages that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Look for art wherever you go. I came across on my online research for such a designer on the island and it’s no other than Christina Louca. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. She’s a designer who is known for always pushing the envelope and was criticized by some for using unconventional materials 6 years ago at her first fashion show here. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. However, her parents had discouraged her in pursuing her dream of becoming a marine biologist, so she became an English Teacher. She used cable wires, multicolour wires and in her most recent work, dvds!!! Christina always dreamed big and so in 2011 she made her debut in the West End of London and she got the full affirmation she was waiting for, SHE’S GOT TALENT!!! I recently had the experience to work in the NY/NJ area and found myself in New York City f or a couple of sightseeing opportunities. She was just playing with her dad’s paints and her mother client’s fabrics. After a dark period in her life, she started working as a P.R and not as a fashion designer since she didn’t have the proper knowledge. 10 Awesome Examples Of Art Made With Unconventional Materials You can use much more than paint and a canvas to make beautiful art come to life. Even a tire can have a second life and that’s what art does for us; it gives us a new life! Expand your create palette by taking it to the streets or other places where you can tell your story! When we create we give meaning to the materials we use. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Playing with colours and textures is always fun, and also stimulates kid’s creativity. I know, it’s disgusting to think of them on you and more disgusting to touch them but hey, that’s what fashion and art mean! Lately, we’ve seen a surge of unconventional materials making their way everywhere for designers to make outstanding and at the same wearable pieces of art. After ten years in NYC circumstances forced her to come back. One thought of using vacuum bags and made a dress. In her graduate school she excelled in the Art classes. Their house was a fairy playground for her, her haven and at the same time her inspiration surrounded by so many stimuli. You can find original art in restaurants, hair salons, and hospitals. 4 Jun 2017 - Explore geovicgilbertcu's board "Unconventional Art Materials" on Pinterest. We often think about seeing art in a museum, gallery, or studio space. People who are building or remodeling homes are looking for “reclaimed” lumber. Peter Getting Out of Nick's Pool, Hockney grew up in an unconventional working-class family in Bradford, West materials and media. At school, she excelled in her classes because of her original ideas of using unconventional materials. If you dare say: ‘No, this can’t be used, I don’t see a way of making it happen’ you’ll be taken for a ride. Even the world famous Met Museum in NYC has recently organized and hosted the first of its kind exhibition and gala called ManusXS Machina to showcase how technology influences fashion designers and what they can create; Fashion in an Age of Technology where fashion designers had to really think outside the box. On the contrary, Christina worked fiercely to make it happen. Let me tell you, whoever attempted this knows how difficult it is. It all takes imagination. If you look online for unconventional materials and how that is related to fashion you’ll be stunned by what you’ll find such as condoms and hair, yes, human hair, tea bags and the list is infinite. Upon her return to Cyprus two more shows followed and always for a good cause. Make art out of “unconventional” materials. One thing is for sure, Christina has guts and determination. However, in the midst of her darkness and denial here in Cyprus she met her Mentor and her best friend who has always steered Christina in the right direction and changed her into becoming a better person and a positive thinker. How was that possible? As I got closer I realized these weren’t structures, but art pieces. So watch out for her as you’ll see more of her unconventional designs. Follow Time to Live Creatively on WordPress.com. Oh Yes, you’ve heard right, prom dresses. Dolan Geiman's salvaged wood and found object paintings: Erika Iris Simmons's tape and paper collages: Charlie Becker's interactive steel tube and Stolichnaya® Salted Karamel™ Vodka bottle cap sculpture: Maseman's whimsical painted denim patches: Steven Rolf Kroeger's larger-than-life toaster installation: Nick DeMarco's cheeky scratch-off still-lifes: Katie Walker's sci-fi inspired lego stained glass: Snejina Latev's layered graphite and paper sculptures. And she was the winner of that challenge. The story of a designer conquering mathematics. It was the fastest move and the most regretful in her life. 12 October 2006 – 21 January 2007 . See more ideas about Art, Cool art and Amazing art. Christina felt this force, this passion of drawing nonstop!!!! We utilize these materials to tell our story and then share that story with the world. Very inventive! However, there are many artists who use unconventional materials to create art. You Can Say That Again: The Role of Repetition in Conversation Design, New New Brutalism: The Architecture of Troubled Times, Then and Now, Creative Activities to Help Your Design Team Thrive. You’ll be amazed of the designs they can come up. Unconventional materials and fashion- Wearable art? Some designers who have embraced this trend and have pushed the boundaries for us to follow are Junya Wantanabe who applied zippers in his 2005 collection and made eccentric yet wearable pieces and Iris Van Herpen who holds the first place as far as I am concerned shouldn’t go unnoticed. You can see a sparkle in her eye once she discovers something that she thinks it can be used on an outfit. Some unconventional materials are zippers, dvds, safety pins and ANYTHING you think can be manipulated in such a way to apply it on a piece of clothing. Who would’ve thought to make a dress out of that! If you see all her designs you will understand why. However, there was something missing: Proper knowledge in order to be taken seriously and that’s when she she registered at a college (evening classes)since she works full time to make ends meet to make her dream a reality to be her own boss as a fashion designer. They’re being sent to junk yards, grocery stores and any kind of store and they have to grab in very little time materials they think they can work with to create exceptional, surreal designs. Her dad was a house painter and since her mother was a distinguished seamstress Christina would wrap herself up with various left over fabrics and stand in front of the mirror and play for hours trying a multitude of color and fabric combinations and designs such as knots. At school for one of her projects where she had to use unconventional materials she again was very innovative by making a mini version of a dress made of period pads!!! She’s known to make wearable art as they call it in fashion terms. The list is an ever ending for her. I saw these few large black structures in the street. Let me introduce you to her and show you how they all started. Condoms lately, have been making their way into prom nights as women have always looked into ways to look tacky or not, original!!! But that didn’t deter Christina. If you are a fan of Project Runway there are particular challenges where designers have to use unconventional materials, they’re pushed to think outside the box. Christina received a phone call from her best friend to express her disdain immediately after she had post the photo. This person has been having the most influence on her evolving into the person she is now and continues to grow and learn as successful people do. Change the idea of something being “unconventional” to being innovative.

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