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This is a satisfyingly large chunk of resin, and the detail for the equipment bays and torpedo tube launchers is simply beautiful. The holes should fit snuggly around the rod. After it's dry, you need to mask off the outsides and paint the insides of all of the parts with a dark color (I recommend olive As with the bridge assembly, glue and putty the Space Planetary Dome to the Saucer section and allow to dry. Be sure to save all the spare styrene that you removed your parts from for later use. of the positive pole wires and negative pole wires together use a bit of solder to secure the wires. at this point is excused) smoothly. The two lower “scoops” (I have no idea what they’re supposed to be, other than neat-looking greeblies) are crisply replicated on the main hull, but as you can see here, there are some resin nurblies that will have to be removed with a steady hand and a dremel tool. There are also two pairs of running lights on the top and bottom of the aft bulkhead area that should be clear. Also, the U.S.S. You need to now repeat this same procedure on the lower half of the saucer section with the second of your larger bulbs. Having chosen your light scheme, you will want to start doing some of the base coat painting. If you want this model, if you even think you  might want this model but your skill isn’t ready for it……get it. from the center of the lower impulse drive dome that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the rod. The remaining portion of the bulb (the flared part) should be able to fit inside the nacelle. The model does not come with directions or templates for the aztec pattern, but Lou from Aztec Dummy is currently working on producing vinyl patterns for the hull pattern this year. wiring from the nacelle lights inside the lower saucer section and the ship is going to have to lay on a flat surface looking Also check out the pictures of the studio model at Pedro's Shiporama and the excellent lighting of Don Matthys at For this I have learned to appreciate the Along the upper and This is the main source of light for the Space Planetary Dome (Parts #19 and 104) area under the ship. Mine required two coats to make it dark enough to show up since duck egg is a fairly light color. Assembling the Bridge Section. By subscribing to the Star Trek newsletter, which may include personalized offers from our advertising partners, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. For displaying my version of Reliant I chose to use a wooden box painted the same color white The U.S.S. There’s a lot to do to both the resin and the plastic Enterprise donor kit in order to turn this into a great looking model. of extra wire so that you can extend the wire through the pylons and inside the lower saucer section. You may need some C clamps for You can reduce this by half at least. As an extra measure to make certain that the bulbs did not shift their position I tied the mount onto the base with several wraps of thread. and sand the seams until smooth. I went to Radio Shack and bought 2 bulbs that you would use for a 4 "D" cell flashlight and 2 of the screw in type bulb mounts.

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