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And that’s not all the RDFMY can do for your phone. Since the rays are unsafe for humans, the box’s lid will close automatically if opened when the beads are on. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Check out our top-5 list above to see which sanitizing box suits your needs the best. A carrying strap and the bag’s foldable design are the two features that enable you to move about with this godsend physical sanitizer. While the outer cover will live in the long run, the reflective inner cover protects you from the harmful rays. Best Vacuum Cleaners For Bed Bugs in 2020, Best Bed Bug Traps and Interceptors in 2020, Best Detergent For Bed Bugs (2020 Update). Inside the box, you can count up to 24 different UV-C LEDs located on the wall lining to provide full-coverage cleaning of any awkwardly shaped item you place within. Capacity: Choosing a UV light box based on its capacity is contingent on the sizes and the total amount of gadgets you want to sanitize. Despite being effective and presentable, the box is quite portable, making it your ideal travel bag. The box works in there steps in there minutes to clean all your items without damage, chemical reactions, or extra costs. The box is fitted with UV LEDs on both the top and bottom of the enclosure. Large UV Phone Sanitizer fits Masks, Phones, Keys, Glasses, Jewelry, Baby Accessories. In the graph can be seen that germicidal action is maximized at 265 nm with reductions on either side. It sterilizes items from all directions (360°) to leave no surface with a virus or bacteria. You might want to purchase a UV light bag, but there’s no doubt that the overwhelming market options are likely to knock you out. It has enough space for most, if not all, your items, and the bag is quite easy to carry and take with you on a trip. The Monstina UV Sanitizer Box is a bit on the bulkier side, just like the HoMedics, which allows users to place multiple items inside of its compartment. After each cleaning cycle, the light beads will automatically shut off not only to prevent wastage but also provide you and your family from the dangerous rays. In three minutes, reopen the zipper and pick your fresh items. If they don’t, you know what to do. The Monstina UV Sanitizer Box is a bit on the bulkier side, just like the HoMedics, which allows users to place multiple items inside of its compartment. Check out each of the items below to see which you need to take home with you. There’s also a neat essential oil inlet that will make your phone smell as nice as it is germ-free after a quick five-minute cycle. For those who love to travel, the waterproof Monstina is arguably the best sanitizer box you can get. Just insert items into the box, close the lid and it’ll automatically disinfect for 11 minutes. When the lid opens to an angle greater than 45 degrees, it’ll automatically close down with more agility than the previous and common models. It uses UV-C rays for sanitization. The large-capacity sanitizing compartment can house up to six bottles at once along with several smaller items like teether toys and pacifiers. Would you like to add a hint of fragrance to your smartphone? I have further expanded your choices by listing only the cost-effective boxes that are quite affordable to most of my readers. By only pushing one button after adding all the items you want to be sanitized into the box, it will automatically do the rest of the work. The Philips light beads are replaceable despite their long 6000-hour lifetime. How many items do you plan on sanitizing at the same time? This is an efficient medical-grade sanitizer box that has been designed to kill up to 99.9% of germs like E. coli, flu viruses, and salmonella. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. It lasts long and resists wear and tear of any form. Utilize the collapsible and lightweight design of the box to make it easy for transport. Customer Reviews: Considering who says what after using a specific product is an indispensable buying guide. The box keeps you safe all the time, and its auto-lock feature takes this to another level. The Medihealer features UV-C ray beads that emit light from all directions to exhaust all the underlying items’ surfaces to be cleaned. Its large size will accommodate all your items. Similar to the Ottolives, this device has enough space to house a single smartphone with no room to spare. How Does A UV-C Light Sanitizer Box Work? DustMiteBuster Dual-Tube UV-C Portable Box (Large), 3. This ensures that the items are fully exposed to the UV ray when cleaning is in progress. Last but not least is the most compact sanitizer on our list: the RDFMY Phone Sanitizer. Some models come with interchangeable platforms for single-item and multi-item sanitizing. Add tour items, witch on the beads, and wait for only three minutes, and all the unwanted organisms shall be dead. One or two drops of your favorite fragrance will go a long way. For this, what you need is a UV-C Light Sanitizer Box. Simply turn the soft knob to switch between drying and sterilization. The 99.9 percent effectiveness of this box gives it an edge over most others like it. 1. Trust them. The UV-C rays will kill all microscopic organisms mechanically, and not chemically. My review of the top 10 best UV light bags (for sanitization) will, however, save you. Also, take advantage of the 5-minute cleaning time that saves your time and money. Portability: So, where do you plan to use your ultraviolet light sanitization box? On top of the lid is a 10W wireless charger that offers quick-charging services to most newer smartphones. Below is a list of the five best UV-C Light Sanitizer Boxes. The spacious housing is large enough (10.63″ x  7.09″ x 5.12″) to fit most baby bottles, lingeries, smartphones and many other household items. This is why I put together this write-up to help my readers spend the least time finding the best UV sanitizer boxes. Quickly do away with all the germs, bacteria, and viruses on your phones, underwear, and other items by bringing the ETROBOT UV sanitizer box home. A box that uses it is the go-to type. First things first, the manufacturer, 59S, is a globally famous quality safety products supplier. Breathe Green Mite Fighter Review – Does It Work? The entire unit is compact enough to fit snugly inside of backpacks and suitcases for easy travel. Enjoy a full twelvemonth’s replacement guarantee from the manufacturer. For example, most of the boxes often have multiple layers to prevent the rays from leaking whatsoever. Plus, when the lid is pulled open, the LED bulbs will automatically shut off. Now, imagine that you own a tiny box or compartment with built-in LEDs that emit UV-C radiation to wipe away certain viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other harmful microorganisms from the face of the Earth, or at least render them unable to replicate. Price: You’ll only spend an amount you can afford to lose. While they pose a danger to our skins and body alike, they have a disinfecting effect that we can’t ignore. The UV light sanitizer boxes on the list above are mostly mobile. That means there’s no more chemicals, odors, noise, mercury, and other unpleasant cleaning agents. The outer casing is protected by high-quality twill polyester to protect your belongings from water and dust. Once an item is inside the box, there won’t be a dead angle from which the UV-C LED lights won’t reach its surfaces. The best ultraviolet light box should offer maximum protection to the user. However, most sellers lie on the kind of light used. SAMMIU UV Sterilizer Box UV Light Sanitizer Portable Cell Phone Sanitizer Cleaners Towel Warmers Ozone disinfection box for Watch, Nail Nippers, Makeup … UV Phone Sanitizer Smartphone Sterilizer, Portable Cell Phone Cleaner UVC Light Disinfection Box wit… Damage all the invisible-but-dangerous microorganisms in your underwear, baby toys, phones, and other items seamlessly using this high-frequency UV sterilizer box. Washing with soap is good and all, but soap and water are not what you should use to remove bacteria, germs, and other pathogens from the surfaces of smartphones and other electronics. That means there’s no more chemicals, odors, noise, mercury, and other unpleasant cleaning agents. Here goes the review. Personal UV Sanitizer. The box leaves no stone unturned by cleaning the items within it from all directions (360°).

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