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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The second child of Jardiniero and his wife. Pester tricks a Taffly to kidnap Ella, so that he can beat the candy out of her. The third child of Jardiniero and his wife. Jardiniero will give you upgrades to your title, shovel, and garden space as you increase in level. She occasionally gives advice and gossip, both true and false, when spoken to. Likes to wack open Piñata Lester and Stardos were both learning the best ways to cultivate the land so that no piñata could resist. When the Ruffians attacked, she hid in the house. Professor PesterProfessor Lester PesterPesterDr. You can whack Seedos with your shovel and he will drop many seeds. For example, specific flowers and tr… Jardiniero had a pupil, Lester, that he would teach as his student helped around the garden, unfortunatly his student did not seem to help. She brings eggs, from Egg Mountain, to pinatas that have romanced. Possibly the child with the most talent when it comes to gardening, he could grow a plant and communicate with piñatas before he could say mommy or daddy. $14.99. Jardiniero was impressed by the bookkeeping of Leafos and turned the diary into the Journal. She began a diary of her experiences in the garden and was always seen carrying it around to add little tid-bits of information. The first child of Jardiniero and his wife, born with the name Stardos. Stardos tried a piece. … This was before the time of Piñata Central and piñatas had to be carried by boats to the parties. Rare Replay. He also can build any other building. From then on, he was now known as Professor Pester, he even lured Jardinero's son by the name of Stardos into his lair to try a piece of sour candy which changed him into Dastardos. He used to help Jardinero with his garden. Viva Piñata. However, Paulie and Fergy come to the rescue, and Pester accidentally defeats himself in an attempt to make all the Pinatas "Split their sides". No one knows why he is evil but some people say that Jardiniero helped him become who he is today.... For help dealing with Professor Pester, see the Ruffian article. Leafos Jardiniero's oldest daughter and second child; she proclaims herself the 'brains of the family' and is the creator of the Journal. 1. Jealousy is what drives him and he strives to take away what is valuable to you. He was voiced by David Brimmer, who also played Zanramon in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. Pester accidentally loses his memory and thinks that he is a Piñata. Professor Pester is scared of Dragonaches. Jardiniero was the orignal owner of the garden that you are given to bring it back to its former glory. In the episode "Pester's Party", he refers to himself as a "real cartoon villain", suggesting that he has fourth wall awareness. He tries to do comedic acts to make them laugh and "Split their sides". The leader of the Ruffians, but far worse. Screenshots. Buy. Stardos took the responsibility of the kids and sent his father and mother off from the docks. However, she starts to stomp around, sleep walking, and Fergy and Paulie try to defeat the Taffly while making her avoid Pester's traps. He was originally named Lester before he ruined Jardinero's hard work, after he sent him after a legendary Dragonache tale. Lester Pester Storkos would always pretend to fly on the ship and said that someday she would fly like the birds. Originally named Sidos, but after a tragic event he changed his name. From then on, he loved seeds (as all Shellybeans do) and changed his name to Seedos. Seedos Originally named Sidos, he is the youngest child of Jardiniero. Frannie She is the lovely and sweet postmistress of Piñata Island that sends all packages to Xbox live. In the Journal Jardiniero writes "There is a new person hanging around the garden, named Dastardos. Seedos, a character who specializes in seeds, will offer you a seed almost every time you talk with him (up to about 3 to 4 seeds per visit when you talk.). After Lester lured Stardos into the jungle, Ruffians swarmed on Jardiniero's garden, destroyed it and stole the Pinata. During the game she will wander around your garden during the daytime and you can speak to her to hear some of her advice by pressing . Until Jardiniero returned, Sidos lived there with the Shellybeans and the time greatly changed him. He starts taking interest in your garden at level 20. When the old piñatas are asleep, he and his goons try to sneak into the rooms, only for the piñatas to come out and beat him with their canes. He will also become happy when he inspects fully grown (with fertilizer) plants. He has red stripey tattoos going down his chest and his arms. Piñata WakingSneakRun Origin When whacked with the shovel, Seedos will stay away from your garden longer between visits. Soon discovering Pester, the villain flees. In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise he will destroy Decoy Piñatadecorations before he will destroy a real piñata. If he visits your garden, he will break or steal your most valuable piñata or item. He used to help Jardinero with his garden. His favorite piñata was the Shellybean, because a Shellybean family adopted him during a tragic time, and when Piñata Central needed some Shellybeans, Seedos was able to help and gave some to them. However, things go wrong as more Piñatas come. After that moment Storkos was a hero! Jardiniero He is the elderly father of Dastardos, Leafos, Storkos and Seedos and former owner of the garden. Wild piñatas are attracted to your garden, by meeting the right conditions for each species to appear. Professor Pester is extremely traitorous, calculating, manipulative and diabolical. PesterThe Piñata King of the World If you ever get the chance to talk to him, maybe he'll throw a seed that you may need to attract a certain kind of piñata. 4. Jardiniero was the best gardener on Piñata Island. Available on. Professor Pester has the head of a ruffian, but the body of a human. (When it becomes a resident, its monochrome colors change into their more vibrant colorful pattern.) Show more. Costolot's The store run by Lottie. Matthew Cenance/Celebrating the ten years of the Wiki Community, Matthew Cenance/One week until the tenth anniversary of the wiki, 4K Ultra HD Xbox One X Enhanced. He kidnapped Stardos when he was younger and transformed him into Dastardos. He could grow any plant and could attract any piñata, exept for one. He tries to run, and accidentally into a TV, which accidentally makes him fall through the home and into the river. One day Jardiniero had a talk with Lester who said that he just heard of the location of the Dragonache egg. Leader of the Ruffians His surname "Pester" means to trouble or annoy someone with frequent or persistent requests or interruptions. Doc Patchingo A recent graduated doctor that comes to the rescue when pinatas are sick. It is heavily implied that he is Stardos, since he was first noticed sometime after Stardos went missing and Jardinaro comments that "he reminds [him] of someone he used to know". Pester kidnaps Hudson and takes him for 10,000 pieces of candy ransom. Alias He moves around on a motorized wheel chair. Powers/Skills He wanders your garden and gives you seeds when you talk to him. It is also worth noting that Leafos doesn't take kindly to being watered or whacked; temporarily removing the player's watering can or shovel if she deems it necessary! Willy Builder Builds pinata home so the pinatas can romance. Full Name 2. They got married and she was able to stay on the island for one year before the shipping duties called her back to the sea. One day, Storkos started delivering the eggs directly to all of the piñatas' homes, saving them the arduous journey. See also: List of television series characters. A wild piñatawill be black and white, and appear at the edge of your garden. $14.99. As soon as they left bad things began to happen. She also gives advice near the beginning of the game. 3. Storkos appears after your pinatas have had a romance dance,to bring you the new egg. Sidos ran and hid in the swamp with his Shellybeans. Pester sets up some Golden Gobs filled with caramel so he can trap dumb Piñatas and bash the candy out of them. Dastardos A witch doctor who lives in the gnarled tree on the outskirts of Jardinaro's garden. Spraying Seedos with the watering can will make him happy, and may increase your chances of receiving a high value seed. Over time they had four children, in order of birth, Stardos, Leafos, Storkos, and Seedos. He is married with Lottie. PesterMr. Even when he was small, he had a natural nack for raising Pinata, displayed by his success in raising a family of Shellybeans. The garden Journal was the ultimate resource for Jardiniero and he would frequently look up information to help improve his garden. Seedos Bart He is a "Tuner-up", and, for a price, he will modify your things to some better by three ranks bronze (the cheapest and with less probabilities to have success), silver (the middle point) and gold (the most expessinve and with better results than the other two). So don't be afraid to ask her, but beware not everything she says is true. Professor Pester He is the main villain in the game. She is married to Willy Builder. PesterMr. His funniest episode, Pester kidnaps a group of laughing Pieneas in his Pester Car. Born at sea, she was a bit of a surprise for the wife, who named her after the storks that flew with the ship from harbor to harbor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Viva Piñata. He can be scared away from the garden if you purchase the Captain's Cutlass in the garden in the original Viva Piñata or Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise. He's creepy, but he reminds me of someone I used to know..." giving us the insight that Dastardos is a corrupt Stardos. He is the man who destroyed the garden. Crimes Sidos ran and hid in the swamp with his Shellybeans. An all-around bad guy. He was taught by his father about how to raise a garden and to help out when a piñata is in need. The youngest of the family. Xbox Series X|S Xbox One Capabilities. Talking to Seedos multiple times before he walks out of your garden will have the same effect as a shovel whack without getting the weed seeds dropped. Seedos is a character that roams your garden and laughs contently to see well watered and fertilized plants. When things go badly for an animal, they get sick. He wears a black graduate's hat and his clothing are red with darker and lighter patterns, red slippers with black stripes, and a yellow belt. Biography An all-around bad guy. Included with Game Pass. She has a fishbowl with a living golden fish on her head. This page was last modified on 1 June 2011, at 04:23. In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise he can be scared by a tamed Limeoceros. He is always nervous when you talk to him. He soon loses his memory again and thinks that he is actually a Ruffian. Pester disguises as a cook again, and competes against Paulie and Fergy and Shirley to get an unlimited supply of candy. There is a witchdoctor named Dastardos who puts sick piñatas out of their misery with a big stick. She was always helping her father and had a natural talent to soothe piñatas and to know their wants and needs. Even when he was small, he had a natural nack for raising Pinata, displayed by his success in raising a family of Shellybeans.

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