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We are nosy: Some foreigners find it strange that Americans are so career focused. Ethan started traveling with his family at the age of 10 and has since visited dozens of countries on six continents. I have been the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Travel, which was named the top online travel magazine under my leadership. Shutterstock (Hint: it is.) I don’t my see my country’s flag anywhere except on national holidays,” says _TheDust_. The texture is difficult to explain; is it supposed to be like mashed potatoes? Join our subscribers list to get more interesting stuff like this in your inbox. Ssffxx explains: “Asking everyone ‘What do you do?’ when you first meet them. “Being asked a million times: ‘How are you?’ When I was in America, that was the most unexpected difference with Belgium. We order water incorrectly: The mistake: saying “I’ll just have water” at a restaurant and expecting not to be charged for it. Let’s not forget the weird edible stuff lurking in supermarket shelves. WEIRD FOODS AROUND THE WORLD. So despite the fact that Americans pretty much think they are the best at everything, there are plenty of foods eaten in the States that other cultures consider strange. Flags everywhere. The INSIDER Summary: • Foods you consider commonplace are often seen as weird elsewhere.• From Sloppy Joes to corn dogs, some classic American dishes are as alien to outsiders as eating frog legs in France would be to you. Thor, Nunavut, Canada – Earth’s Greatest Vertical Drop, Vrelo Bune: A Perfect Mixture of Nature, History, and Architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The 10 Sin Cities in the World: Sex, Drugs, and Money. Getty Restaurant Etiquette. Mayonnaise is not an American creation (it’s French and used commonly throughout the world), but American mayonnaise is a lot sweeter. A Reddit user recently posed the following question, and it immediately went viral: "What do Americans think is normal for everyone, but actually it's not normal for anyone but Americans?". If you find this hard to believe, keep reading; here’s the worst American food you’ll find in every state! No, they aren't asking how you are, they are just greeting you. (Hint: it is.) Foreigners think Americans are too loud—especially on their phones. Many non-Americans (and Americans, for that matter) think that cheese that can sit in a pantry instead of the refrigerator and that sprays out of a can like whipped cream is unusual and unnatural. Peanut butter is eaten in many countries but it’s not as popular elsewhere as it is in the States (it even made an appearance at the Emmys). “One of my favorite sayings,” says grantrules. ", 8. Don’t worry, it’s still deliciously sweet. In Asia, for example, eating fried insects is commonplace, as they are a good source of protein. When you combine it with jelly, it forms an off-center combination that many people outside of the U.S. would not even want to try. It’s a common misconception that America’s food is mainly composed of hamburgers, French fries, pizza, and all the stuff you can easily find on a fast-food menu. We wear shoes inside: Wearing shoes inside is a no no in many countries—and many foreigners find it odd that not all Americans do the same. Before that, I was deputy editor of Travel & Leisure. Turns out foreigners think our money is funny. This tasty sin also contains salt, water, potato starch (to keep the meat moist), sugar, and preservative sodium nitrite which makes it not really healthy if consumed often. It’s right up there with meatloaf as odd meat foods the rest of the world (and some Americans) just can’t make sense of. Check out some of America’s weird munchies below! This American top-seller is a sweeter alternative that’s more of a dressing than mayo because of some extra ingredients like sugar, paprika, and garlic powder. “To Europeans 100 years is a short time but 100 miles is a long distance; to Americans, 100 years is a long time and 100 miles is a short distance.” ArthurBonesly elaborates: “Oh sure, every place has cars and roads, but urban engineering in the US is so anti-pedestrian you don't realize it until you spend time outside of the country. How about spreading peanut butter on one toast and spreading jelly on the other? And here’s the good news: Knowing these facts could help the next time you travel abroad. Explains InfiniteRaspberry. We drive too much: Foreigners are shocked by US car culture, including how much Americans drive and the long distances we will travel without blinking an eye. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. 10. It exists. This ground-up meat creation, almost exclusively popular in Hawaii, is a lot like a hot dog but slightly “springier” or “fluffier” and is carved from a slab. We don’t let go of our past: "Identifying as your heritage instead of your nationality. We’re a little too patriotic: Turns out that other countries don’t flaunt their flag like we do. This dish of ground-up corn kernels boiled in milk is enjoyed mushy and with butter (and/or lard), cheese, and gravy. Its ingredients include corn syrup, sugar syrup, vanilla flavor, and egg whites. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! The bright red color will truly catch your sight and make you ask, “What makes it red?”.

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