what is culture and gender sensitization

The Treaty provides an international standard for protecting and promoting women’s human rights and is often referred to as a “Bill of Rights” for women. She can be both beautiful and technically gifted. Men and women will have equal advantages in economic opportunities, property rights, parenting opportunities, decision-making and all other matters. It is actually beautiful to look at, as well as fascinating to read. Expecting the woman to shop for groceries and the man to wear the hard hat are gender concepts offered by our culture; and we can change these concepts. Q: What is rape? Ask questions, doubts, problems and we will help you. There is lot we don't know about gender yet. How are different people responding to CEDAW and the gender sensitization concept? The problem is further compounded by the victims committing suicide or living with the social stigma of rape. Lori Colbo from Pacific Northwest on October 19, 2016: Dora this was very very well put together. Other than reproductive roles, all others are open for grabs and gender should never be the deciding factor in who gets the job. Women must all be respected equally. All are to be valued and respected equally. If All gender bathrooms had urinals than that would bother me a lot!!! You're so right. Thanks for an interesting look at the issue and opening a discussion on it. To make these kind of sessions all the more effective and to justify their importance, the participants were involved in various mimes, followed by discussion on various facts and myths related to various Gender Issues. There needs to be balance in regards to human rights. the survival rate, individual count, literacy, health, safety, respect and freedom will damage the sanctity and the authentication of human existence. Consequently, our thoughts, words and actions will reveal that we view them as equally capable in these roles. MsDora, former teacher and Christian Counselor is passionate about empowering women and exploring social issues which concern them. It is encouraging to find that it works so well there. I am a woman who has experienced sexual trauma. You know, I learnt more as a grown man in England and became familiar with words we did not know in the tiny village where I was born! Gender-specific job titles will be altered to include both males and females. Gender-based violence will no longer be tolerated by individuals who previously accepted that one gender is less deserving than the other of respect and humaneness. Please click "Jeffrey A Benedict " on the comment above and find the article on his page. Thanks for that also. The changes around you cannot change you. •A gender stereotype is a product of a subjective Attempts to empower women usually result in disrespect for men. I'm sure that is the case for many, and it is unfortunate that culture and other factors do not allow it everywhere. This is true even if the husband commits the act against the will of his wife. I appreciate your candid opinions. So, my experiences with people are not matching all that apparent situation that you and some commenters are talking about. Sharma JK. Better reconciliation of work and private life for both women and men is essential to gender equality. There is an increasing number of unisex restrooms popping up here in Australia, but there is usually also a choice of gender specific male and female ones for those who prefer them. My favourite consensus in your table is that of the Rastafarians. We can combat this problem either individually or in a forward strategic manner by educating and teaching women of all ages how to be safe. Gender equality is against the Bible teaching that some leadership roles are reserved for men. Life has become very fast paced and lifestyles are changing equally fast leading to varied issues and social pressures in today’s world.

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