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It consists of 155.1 cc engine. Process, Protects from scratches, which occur due to the aggressive riding position, Avoid damage on Muffler on Speed Breakers. Most of the demand (about 80%) is in the 100cc to 200cc motorcycle category, and a large part of the remainder is in the 125cc and under scooter category. It has the same looks for years. The fuel economy figures on both the bikes is decent for the performance that they offer. The bike feels like a normal 150 cc bike up till 7400 RPM. The Yamaha has its trick up its sleeve. It is truly an embodiment of Yamaha’s desire to bring customers a model to help them “Enjoy riding”. A top speed of about 150km/hr is what this bike will have. The design of the has evolved into a more track-focused design. whenever it release plz inform me....... Also Read: Yamaha R15 V3 Reaching A Top Speed Of 158 Km/hr – See How It Does Followed by that, the second in line is the CBR150R and then, followed by Xtreme 160R and Pulsar 150. It's screaming power output and aerodynamics, it made me reach over 150kms of top speed, just like a moderate 200cc bikes did.There's no word 'comfort' in it. A development concept was to build “a new 150cc supersport” that is the first model for the Indian market designed in the true supersport image and featuring a high-level balance of enjoyable running performance on winding roads, enjoyable performance and riding comfort with a tandem passenger and agile handling through crowded city traffic. Media, Become a Yamaha Dealer Yamaha R15 Top Speed is around 131 kmph. The lap timer and top speed indicator are things that make the cluster on the RC 125 much more advanced than the Yamaha R15 V3. Toy can really feel safe at speeds of 120, the byke will not skid when applying brakes as that speed. Take a ride and discover what makes the R Badge the “Next-Generation 155cc Supersport Inheriting R-DNA”. It offers VVA, technology that varies valve timings and gives the bike power in all 3 rpm bands. The new YZF-R15 now being unveiled is an example of the objective of “introducing attractive new products” called for in Yamaha’s high value-added marketing strategy for India business, and plans call for it to be released on the market in the middle of this year. Yamaha R15 is a speed champ with 131 kmph of top speed. Events This bike has the instrument cluster that has been on the KTM from the inception of the brand. Rivals of this segment are actually much weaker in comparison except Suzuki Gixxer SF, claiming a top speed of 127 kmph. Q. I have seen several videos of R15 V3 achieving 160kmph speed, how can this be possible for 155cc bike to perform that top speed? Hence, there shall be no change in the top speed. In the Yamaha R15 V3 BS-4 you used to get 145 kmph top speed, which is slightly lower than the bs6 top speed, there is no change in the bore and stroke of the bike. The Yamaha has a reputation in this segment and has been there for so long that the segment can be represented by this bike. The KTM lack in power and feels stressed due to the exhaust note that becomes harsh pretty early. Modified images of R15 v3 with different colors, black, white. it has narow tyres, they were specially made for R15, having soft rubber and different raddi, complete tubeless providing 3 times better grip that Pulsar and about 2 times better that Karizma in my view. Please, Copyright © India YAMAHA Edgy tail. Your email address will not be published. Top Speed: 182+ mph (est) Details: Warranty: 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty) 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty) Colors: Team Yamaha Blue, Raven: Carbon Fiber: Price: $17,399: $26,099 Motorcycle demand in India has grown steadily about 8 million units. In the Yamaha R15 V3 BS-4 you used to get 145 kmph top speed, which is slightly lower than the bs6 top speed, there is no change in the bore and stroke of the bike. It is eager to rush to redline. It will be displayed for the first time at “9th Auto Expo – 2008” (Organizer: Confederation of Indian Industry; Venue: Pragati Maidan) in New Delhi from January 10 (Thursday.) On the other hand, the engine on the KTM RC 125 is like any KTM engine. Even though the engine on the KTM is of DOHC layout, there is no replacement for displacement. For more information visit our privacy policy. A unique ’no compromise’ machine for road riders ready to accept the challenge of the racetrack. Talking about the rear end of the bike the Yamaha R15 V3 looks more aggressive and has a good stance. The motorcycle demand in India is driven mainly by young people in their 20s and there is an increasing trend toward European style tastes as seen in the preference for luxury products and stepping up to higher quality goods, which is reflected in growing demand in the trade-in market. The new V3 will have almost the same top speed like before. Yamaha R15 V3 Top Speed. Comparing with the Yamaha R15 V3 the Yamaha has grown over the years. 125cc 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine, water-cooled. The prices of these bikes set the in the premium side of the segment. In Yamaha’s new medium term (3-year) management plan that begins this year and runs through 2010, rebuilding the Yamaha motorcycle business in India has been designated as one of top priorities. !Ths beauty in blak is waiting4u!! I totally agree that when I first made up my mind to go for it, I thought it must be a something more powerful (when it comes to pickup). Sharper aggressive eyes. The new YZF-R15 makes full use of the MotoGP race experience and YZF-R series supersport bike development technology and know-how acquired by Yamaha Motor over the years to create a 150cc supersport bike that offers users to truly “Enjoy riding” in a full range of situations, from around-town riding to touring on winding roads and even aggressive riding on the circuit. 1. Born of Yamaha’s racing DNA that shaped legends like M1, The R1 and the R-series, the all-new YZF R15 powered with Dual Channel ABS is max powerhouse of 18.6 PS that brings track experience to the streets. in weight. The engine maxes out very quickly. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the debut of the new “YZF-R15,” a new supersport model mounting a newly designed 150cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC single-cylinder, 4-valve fuel-injected engine on a Deltabox frame. The Yamaha R15 V3 gets the air vents which make the bike look more futuristic. Before riding this I loved Karizma, coz it was better than Pulsar, but those two feel to be pieces of srap of primitive machines when comapred to R15. This makes it the second largest market in the world. It has given me The Yamaha R15 V3 has better fuel economy even though it has bigger displacement. As the speed increases, the gap between all the three and Pulsar further increases. Some people say that A machine, like all other Yamaha R series , that comes with racing DNA and the spirit of competition living in every component. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the debut of the new “YZF-R15,” a new supersport model mounting a newly designed 150cc liquid-cooled, 4 … The Yamaha R15 V3 is the old player in the fared bikes segment in India. Top speed of yamaha r series bikes #top speed r1,#top speed r15,#top speed r3, # top speed r6, Now KTM has come up with their competition in this segment with the RC125. SEEN THE BIKE.DINT LIVE UP TO MY EXPECTATIONS THO...AND THE BIKE IS DEFINATELY OVERPRICED FOR 1,10,000...AND THE REAR TYRE IS PRETTY THIN THAT IS WAT KILLS THE WOLE SPRTY LOOK OF THE BIKE.OVERALL ITS A NICE BIKE BUT NOT WORTH 1,10,000 FOR SURE. its superb bike...............or nothing. sports bike world, the Yamaha YZF-R15. The lap timer and top speed indicator are things that make the cluster on the RC 125 much more advanced than the Yamaha R15 V3. The saddle height is also more on the RC125. Muscular tank. Aerodynamic front. In terms of outright acceleration too the bike is faster. 2. Yamaha R15 V3 vs KTM RC 125 – Which one will you convince your dad for? Ride it above 120 km/hr you will forget about the price and comparisons. (coz of its DIasil cylinder and Forged piston, cilinder has 20% silicon which keeps it cooler than rest of the bykes.) Packed full of state-of-the-art technologies, the new YZF-R15 boasts performance worthy of a supersport model and a body design that evokes the image of the YZF-R series and gives visual expression to the quality of its ride. Hello, I am a Tech Spe t in a MNC in Noida and a great byke lover, I am riding since the age of 9 and I am 29 today. On the other hand, the Instrument cluster of the Yamaha R15 V3 is new. On the contrary, it does not justify the money that they demand. With liquid cooled, SOHC and four valve engine, it can produce maximum power 19.04 Bhp @ 10000 rpm along with 14.7 Nm @ 8500 rpm maximum torque. Having used both Karizma and Pulsar . Dont check the speed and pickup. The Yamaha R15 V3 has led headlights. KTM has priced this bike at such a price that it makes it the most expensive 125 cc motorcycle in India. I have completed 4000 Kms on R15 and using it since a month. The KTM RC125 design is similar to the RC200 and RC390. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship, A newly developed 150cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder fuel-injected engine, An all-aluminum “DiASil Cylinder” produced by an exclusive Yamaha casting technology, Eco-friendly performance that clears the next-phase Bharat 4 emissions standard, The “Deltabox frame” known for excellent rigidity balance, Impressive “2-eye” multi-reflector headlight design in the YZF-R series image. Available at nearest Authorized Yamaha Dealer, * This 360 degree view is for illustration purpose only. This website uses cookies to enhance user experience & the services therein; user consents to accept the use of cookies for an optimum experience of the website. The KTM RC 125 has a LED DRL but the projector setup is halogen. The overall design of the KTM RC 125 has not aged over the years. Despite having low power figures than the CBR, R15 manages to take an early lead. All the fields are required. Yamaha FZS V3 … Post that the bike does not lose power it keeps pulling up till 10000 RPM. This bike makes sense for the people who want to but the track-focused KTM but for the looks only. Design of both the bike is top-notch. In the winter of 2008, a new force strikes in the Speed is Reborn. Motor Pvt. In this way, it is a direct expression of Yamaha’s motorcycle development ideal of “Exciting Performance & Stylish Design” in the 150cc class. The original supersport is back! The Yamaha features the 150cc engine. It was the most expensive 150 cc motorcycle and has got a performance upgrade which makes it even more desirable. Find out what we have to say when we put both these motorcycles head to head. Ltd. All rights reserved, Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship, Manufacturing In the Yamaha R15 V3 BS-6 you get a fuel tank of 11 liters. This boasts more displacement over 125cc engine that is on the KTM RC 125. Due to most powerful engine, YZF R15 V3.0 can make almost 150 km per hour top speed. Which is fine for Yamaha R15 V3 bs-6. Talking about the rear end of the bike the Yamaha R15 …

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